Jeep Wrangler YJ – How to install LED tail lights and fix the “no flash” issue

Jeep Wrangler YJ – How to install LED tail lights and fix the “no flash” issue

Jeep Wrangler YJ LED tail light upgrade.

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Norberto Lopez says:

Hi i need help my reverse don't work i got the same light of you i can figure out

J.B.P says:

I clicked on your Fix Jeeps website but the tail light info isnt there. It takes you to amazon but thats it! The tail lights i havent bought already like i did the headlights! Are the tail back together lights Partsam-131703? How much do they cost $35 up? Did you do the 3rd brake light? I have the 3rd brake light above the spare tire, was wondering if there was a matching lens for the 3rd brake light?
I also wanted to ask what ALL would cause the mpg to go from 14mpg to 11mpg…2wks later..11mpg to 9mpg and 2 wks go by and its only getting 7mpg now! I have replaced the vacuum lines, TPS, IAC, exhaust manifold gasket, spark plugs, distributer cap & rotor, fuel pump and 02 oxygen sensor over a 10 mth period! Now i had my my fuel pump changed cause it went out but after everything was back together my gas gauge is reading 3/4 tank when its completely full. Im wondering if i have to pull the tank or if i can get away with pulling the hose that is inside the gas tank & cutting some off? Those issues i been tackling for almost a darn yr now, im about worn out on it…

Rolling Cole says:

You're my favorite jeep video guy Chuck! Thanks for all your help!

Terry Surface says:

Good info . I am getting ready for some leds and needed to know about the flasher change. Thanks for the video .Merry Christmas

Kendrick Hayes says:

Hey I installed some LED Spyder tail light and my right side is not as bright as the left side but its only like that with my LED lights. It doesn't do that with my original tail light. Any idea what the problem is..??

Jesus Carlos Toledo Pulido says:

Hello there! I'm new to Jeep and I got a 95 Jeep Wrangler. I will do the upgrade in a couple of weeks but I got the LED lights with the plug and play, do you think I have to extra work for this?

Jehu Morales says:

Hi Chuck, do you think I have a ground issue for my stock rear tail lights on my yj if brake and reverse lights aren't lighting up? The only one that function is the tail light/ running light, any suggestions?

Chris W says:

Thanks man! Easy $8 fix!

Troy Krichmar says:

I upgraded my flasher and still solid blinkers.

Mukhtar 24 says:

hey I replaced my flasher but my turn signals still flash fast.

Paul Roberts says:

Thanks man. Always learning from ya

jeep guy says:

hey love the videos I'm new to Jeep and got a 89 YJ had to replace the output shaft seal on the transfer case tonight and discovered a trick with the lighting inside the cab just for s** and grins I took my under the hood Blue Point LED rechargeable light and I know I tried it inside the cab about the bars and it fits in their perfect clears the soft top with it on you can aim it towards the front snot in your eyes lights up the whole cab you can turn it and then you can light up the whole back of the Jeep awesome awesome idea all you got to do is recharge it when it needs charged if you break down on the road you got a light for under your hood I'll take a picture of it and try to post it on here later on tomorrow when there's light out but I think it's awesome idea it lights up the whole cab and service multiple purposes

Robert Dickinson says:

With a video connection as awesome as your, my next car will be a Jeep. This would be the most logical decision I could possible make.

John Mays says:

did you forget to raise your passenger side lights up like you did the drivers? it looks lower to me. good video. I have been wanting to do this upgrade.

m says:

Cool lights… How much u pay fot them?? I too have an 89, but its a 2.5.. Keep up the good work on the jeep vids!!!!!

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