Jeep Wrangler LED Interior How To Install – 2007+

Jeep Wrangler LED Interior How To Install – 2007+

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Compatible with Jeep Wrangler, Rubicon, Sahara, Unlimited Sport
2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

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KingCherry says:

Imma order this but what about the from ones on the rear view mirror

Christian Quinteros says:

Difference between standard and premium??

Luke Tony Denham says:

Not applicable to 2007 convertible wrangler.

Two sicilian sisters says:

Ok what size are the bulbs syllania?

ToxicTiki says:

Do the LEDs fade out like the stock incandescent bulbs, or just turn off instantly?

DuckPin2011 says:

Before and after would have been amazing.

stybck says:

My front dome light was nothing like that… was same as rear just flipped and no switch


I would LOVE to have green or blue dome lights.

Clybourn Street says:

Is there anything for the 2 rearview mirror lights?

Richie575 says:

What’s the difference between the cool white and crystal?

Scott Weber says:

you should wear latex gloves when changing the bulbs as the oil from your hands will shorten the life of the bulb

Stevie Carbone says:

Hi, just receive my LED lights for my JK from you guys. Is it possible for you do a video on changing the map lights?

hottycop911 says:

are the premium blue ones that can be ordered Canbus as well ?

Bradley Reid says:

I installed LED's in the dome (soundbar) light of my '13 Wrangler JK today. Now the maplights in my rear view mirror always stay on. They do eventually go off after I turn the engine off. Very irritating driving at night when they are on. Any tips?

Patrick Prichard says:

Great video. Helped in changing my lights.

Patriotalliance says:

My set just came in the mail today, I installed them already and what a difference !. Thanks

Spacely says:

My interior light sometimes stays on now.. Dim but on

Brett Schoenwald says:

The reverse lights don't require resistors do they?

Charvey Urbano says:

do you have interior LED lights premium package for a 2017 jk jeep wrangler unlimited sport?

Martrez Marshall says:

Do you recommend the 6000 or the 8000?

Jay D says:

The bezel came down and I need to know how to get it back in having trouble, ty

Jack Gallagher says:

Here is the next question, I have replaced all my interiors except how do I replace the foot lights? one light on each side under the dash?

Mark Aquiningoc says:

I just installed my LED kit (Dome, Rear Cargo and License Plate) no problem.. However you provide links to the reverse lights and they dont work. How about just provide us with the current link, or atlast the stock/part number for all you lights, with the Plain Noun Name….Not just the part number. Thanks.

riccixboi says:

What's the difference between regular and premium?

Paul Diem says:

Why doesn't this kit come with the map lights on the rear view mirrors?

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