Jeep 4.0 How to Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor (P0320 Code)

Jeep 4.0 How to Replace Crankshaft Position Sensor (P0320 Code)

A detailed description of how to remove and replace a crankshaft position sensor for all Jeep 4.0 engines. In most cases, a P0320 code is the result of a bad crankshaft position sensor but, not always right away. Sometimes this code will not show up until the engine stalls several times.
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Work performed on a 98 Jeep Cherokee XJ.

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MAAK4 says:

Awesome vid! Just a question about your air filter. Where is it?

Jessey Julson says:

Great vid my 01 XJ sensor plug didn’t disconnect at the same location. Mine was don’t further closer to the end of the trans and tcase. Wonder if mines wrong

Luis Huerta G. says:

Buen video, muy claro

RM Poling says:

If I wanted to be lazy about it…could I just unplug the old sensor, plug in new one and just zip tie the other side of the new sensor to another existing cable to secure it somewhere and forget about messing w the old one at all?

Rikk Wake up western world says:

Great video and well documented just might add to be VERY careful that neither of the bolts when loose happen to fall into the hole where the CPS fits, its easily done, some models have a plastic cover that prevents this. Sometimes its missing, mine was and before I realized I had one of the mounting bolts fall through the hole into the bell housing. Had to take the bottom access cover off and use a long magnet to retrieve it. Mechanics tip is to use petroleum jelly so it sticks in the socket especially when putting new one in. However once all connected started immediately, used similar long extension and a ratchet.

K. Y. says:

I have a problem with my 94' xj, when I cold start it it starts right up. But when the engine gets warm. I turn it off. About 10-15 mins later it takes about 5 secs of cranking to finally get it started. Could this be cps related.???

BikerBoot says:

Great video!!! Thank you.

N W says:

would the OEM Mopar CPS that you reference, fit a 1993 XJ 4 liter, manual transmission? Thank You!

Ben Vincent says:

Just want to let others know that on my 01 XJ the wiring harness is routed differently. The connector is attached to a bracket on the side of the transmission so it is accessible from underneath the vehicle, not from under the hood.

VprT2112 says:

Well made video. Thank you , Sir!

john burgess says:

This is the only video ive found on how to replace the CPS and shows you how to do it plus tips. your a good man, much appreciation of your work.

t_from_da_LB 1500% says:

My 04 jeep grand cherokee v8 has issues it won't start and sometimes I just move and pull wires from the battery area also tap the fuse box and the worse part it turns off when I hit a dip

Greg Beasley says:

Great video , my 16 year old daughter watched it with me so she can swap hers out on her XJ.

Brad Woodward says:

Dude! Thanks for this video! My boy's just went out.

BagOfSuck says:

thank you! just earned yourself a new subscriber

Ruben Figueroa says:

I was skeptical that this would fix my jeep but it did ! Back on the road again definitely recommend trying this sensor before any other major repair , part is about 40$

Douglas Cole says:

what do you think about bloking the bell housing hole with a rag or something to avoid possible loss of the bolt down the opening? Just fearful of my future attempt!

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