I bought a WRECKED Jeep Trackhawk World's Fastest SUV! LETS FIX IT!

I bought a WRECKED Jeep Trackhawk World's Fastest SUV! LETS FIX IT!

while we wait for parts on our other projects! We didn’t wanna sit around so we have a new project to kill time! oh did I forget to mention, 2018 Jeep Trackhawk AKA THE WORLDS FASTEST SUV! BEST FAMILY CAR EVER!!

shaqs gaming channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2dlq8-Yps4hPVmLmxUEkA

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Marshall Kelley says:

next thing you know

rebuilding a 2018 McLaren Senna

BirdyIsPro73 says:

JESUS CHROIST, havent finished two projects and alrdy adding another beast!!! XD

gabriel rosales says:

That is soo badass. That trackhawk is a beast. But bro. You need to play with the power. Make it unbeatable!!

Flux says:

rebuild a silverado and lift it and use it as a trailer hauler so you can haul your own cars and stuff

Berner Dad 413 says:

Track Hawks are awesome! Can’t wait to see the build!

Lurry Whaals says:

All the cars you fixing are yours?


Fix it and sell it to Cledus Mcfarland

Dalibor Jedlicka says:

Nice SUV. Your wife is happy !!!!

Josh LaRose says:

It is very common for those PCM connectors to break on the Grand Cherokees when hit in the front. They are available as a service part from FCA.

Trucker Daddy - AKA John in Québec says:

Roadrace TrackHawk vs McClaren
Jeep wins every time. Launch power

Jessika Torres says:

Pulling next to mustangs and corvettes , kids waving from the back seat while you pass them

ernest rodriguez says:

AHEM! Cough *Cough*. Pop Quiz. Mama wants 1000 horses at the Wheel. What are you gonna do about it?

Clint S says:

I love Grand Cherokees. I grew up with them.
The first family Jeep that my dad purchased was a Cherokee Cheif 1976.
With a 401 cubic inch V8. He had it for 22 years. We called it Old Blue.
This is gonna be awsome to watch. I love Mopar ! And of course I love your channel !!

Dave Fitch says:

I am so excited for this build

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