How To Replace Ignition Coil 4.0 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

How To Replace Ignition Coil 4.0 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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If you are getting a cylinder misfire code on your 99-04 Jeep Grand Cherokee, chances are that on or more of the coil packs have gone bad.

In this auto repair video we will show you what needs to be done to change the ignition coil on your 4.0 6 cylinder Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In this easy to follow video we will help to take the guess work out of this auto repair for you.


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Homeowner Repair says:

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ASAP Swift says:

Literally only here to see how to get this fckn plug loose

Noah Maurano says:

Everything i needed, u da man

Vincent Shaw says:

Thanks dude!

rick miller says:

Very helpful. Thanks

tim morris says:

I wish you would of started it showing it works I've had to change mine on my 99 jeep but it didn't start after just miss fired back fire like timing was way off put old one back on started right up but for no1 that's why I was changing it just can't beleave the new one is bad

Thick Dick says:

That clip suuuuuucks lol

Sacred Cow BBQ says:

Subscribed.Thanks. Question. I have a misfire on cylinder 2. I see you're replacing the coil pack. What about the ignition coil? Does that need to be replaced too?

Amanda DaSilva says:

How do you know when it needs to be changed? My car has no pressure when i press on the accelerator. It hesitates a lot before it slips into the Drive gear. Finally pushing the vehicle to move.

Angel Cortez says:

I had a REAL HARD time putting the electrical connector back on. It only went on about 98% but not enough to hear a “click”. The Red tab wasn’t able to slide over. I spent over an hour trying to fiddle with it.. I ended up just putting it all back together without sliding the red tab. I don’t know what to do.


thank you. very easy job, except for that dang clip! i am not a fan of the stupid red tab! finally got it though, job was a success!

leo nas says:

Great video …

Dogeinme froge says:

i cant take off my clip:( i did pull it up and pushed it to the side but it didnt work IDK??

Mr. X says:

Thanks for this! Got my coil and new plugs today.

U D says:

I have a 2003 grand Cherokee Laredo it’s v6 4.0 code read coils so I changed it car keep shaking off and on then car shuts off from time to time I went back to autozonethey said I need a coil ignition connector so I got it car cranks but won’t turn on any tips?

gerpirk says:

Thanks for the video. It helped me with changing the coil pack and plugs on my 2004 Grand Cherokee.

Cory Granger says:

It will shake but won’t stay running now it will turn but not start

John Krebs says:

Your tip on removing the electrical connector saved me a lot of aggravation, thank you !

Gerald Diserens says:

I got the coil pack off with no problem on my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee but I cannot get the plug off. The red tab has been slid to the side but the plug will not release. Any thoughts?
Great video and easy to follow by the way.

John Howard says:

Proper way to describe removing electrical connector: It is a slide-lock mechanism. Simply slide or pull it back. Nothing to do with "side" or "up". If you can't see the tab, simply stick your thumbnail where you think the tab is and slide it back.

Paul Patton says:

My 04 Limited gives a little shake when idling but no codes showing, should i just change the air filter and see if car doesn't shake anymore before changing spark plugs?

Adrian Z says:

Help. Jeep wont start after replacing the coil pack. I followed everything on the video and reinstalled my old one and it started. New one wont work but its the right part i got it from autozone

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