Mustang Bridge in Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

Mustang Bridge in Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar

I’m a huge fan of the Vintage Modified Jaguar – great guitar, especially for the money! But one shortcoming is the stock bridge.

For $15 to $45 (depending on what replacement model you want) you can do one of the easiest guitar mods on the planet – change the bridge. It makes a difference and it’s so easy and inexpensive to do!!

No drilling or body work. Just loosen the strings, drop in the new bridge, tune up, set the action, intonate and you’re 100% ready to go!



Buddy Martin says:

Good information Mark as always… Great Guitar Too! 🙂

Tommy Golden says:

Was the previous bridge posts as small as this new one? Were the new plugs the same dimensions?

William A says:

can you upload the links to the bridges please!!!! thank you:)

TheGreatDrawingMaster says:

My new vm jaguar rattles like crazy on G and A string no matter what i do, i ordered that second bridge ( strat/tele style) you swapped for a new one, because it has adjustable saddles, were you happy with it, and why you swapped it ?

Siavash Massoudi says:

If you use the mustang bridge you need to wrap the saddles with electrical tape (I used painters tape because I had no electrical tape) about 2-2.5 times or to the point where the bridge can slightly rock back and forth instead of side to side. It’ll fit perfectly if you do this and the guitar will stay in tune if you use the whammy.
And idk if it’s just me but I actually didn’t feel a difference in my neck even though the mustang bridge has a 7.25 inch radius.

Garry Nathan says:

There is a radius difference . The Squiers are 9.5 and USAs are 7.25. The best solution I can imagine is go on Ebay and try and buy a Chinese Mustang bridge, these will almost certainly have the correct radius. I live in the UK and have seen suitable bridges for around 6 british pounds on Ebay. That is probably around 10 US dollars.

Peavey Nicolas says:

play at 1.25 speed and you sound like Jeff Goldblum.

Informative video btw. thinking of doing the same on my Fender CP Jazzmaster

Prudoco says:

Do you which size hex key to adjust the bridge?

John Frusciante says:

Please someone help me, I bought a squier jaguar, but with 10's the intonation is a little bit off with the stock bridge, and I know how to set up a guitar, will changing the bridge make any difference? Or is my guitar faulty? The G string doesn't stay in tune very well, but I think that's because they're new

eddyfree says:

Try putting your hand behind the object and blocking out the depth of field (distant) background. By filling the frame with only a close up object, most cameras will focus faster.

TheNeonRabbit says:

It looks like the new bridge naturally sits higher because of the bigger "barrels" the saddles are cut into. It also looks like you had to drop it right to the deck or close to it, at least on the treble side to set the action. That's a bit worrisome since the required height will vary a bit from guitar to guitar. Someone else may try this and find their action's high with no way to lower it. You could always shim the neck, but that's a bit extreme. I guess it's about whether or not you feel lucky.

Frumen says:

Hello, will fit a mustang bridge with a radius of 7.25? On this guitar, the radius of the overlay is 9.5

Bfmvgirl2000 says:

will a hex key for lowering/raising the action always be included when purchasing a new bridge? thanks for the informative video

Alan Kranjac says:

can't you just file the saddles it to let the string go through it?

Daniel Jenn says:

My Tremolo doesn't spring back, so the guitar is always out of tune if I try to use it… Do I need to tighten the spring on the tremolo???? I was going to ask for my money back but this one has 3-P-90 pickups on it, so it's sorta special to me.

Motor Mike says:

Wondering if I should just get a Fender mustang. Thought?

William Oliveira says:

hey dude, i've got a squier jazzmaster vintage modified I've been thinking about getting chinese mustang bridge from aliexpress, but I not sure that would fit cos of its radius. Can you help me with it?

Andrew Jones says:

LOL! You have it laying on towels to protect the guitar…not the kitchen table.

Sam Graham says:

What is the name of the bridge you used?

M D says:

This is what you can do with your Squier Jaguar:

The Squier Jaguar was used for rhythm and lead in the verse and chorus. A Squier Jazzmaster was used for the bridge.

Johnny Bravoski says:

So… Were you happy with the bridge after playing on it awhile? Any complaints or wishes?

André Carneiro says:

Is it possible to lift up-and-down the individual parts of this bridge like the old one?

dekzan says:

I like my strings set straight lined, no neck radius, but that is personal.

Oz Master says:

Do you by any chance still have the link to that Nuer bridge? I guess I'm spelling it wrong, but I can't find one.

Figglebob High says:

is the reason you're changing the bridge because of the whammy bar? (im new to guitar)

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