Jaguar XF Key Battery change HOW TO

Jaguar XF Key Battery change HOW TO

This video will show you how to change the key battery on a Jaguar XF Key. This is very easy to do.
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IMPORTANT. When you change the Jaguar XF key battery, there is a chance that the metal battery connector will get damaged. This only happens if the two parts of the key are not lined up correctly.
If you line up both parts of the key, you will be fine.

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Andreas Jacovides says:

Just wanted to say thanks and what a great channel you have !

Brian Dixon says:

Simple enough, I had actually done this before but could not recall how to get the two cheap chrome-look rings off the sides. Once I saw that I was off to the races but great review and simple step by step. Thank You Key Man!

USC Sound Department says:

Worked like a charm. Thanks.

Alan Bone says:

Great piece of info, gave me the confidence to ’go for it’. Took about 5 mins.


Thanks!!! Perfect!

John Sterling says:

Many thanks. Excellent Video. This also works on the XK as well as the keys are identical, which is what I was actually looking for.

Jim Crick says:

You have not said what model XF and year as my daughters car is a 2015 XF diesel the fob has just one chrome bezel completely different …?

Jojin Kang says:

Good advice. Don't use cheap batteries.. this is the 3rd time i'm replacing mine because I used cheap ones..

ReRy Ro says:

I love that little finger massage you give the surface of the battery — the exact opposite of how to handle a battery. You don't want to touch the surfaces, because that leaves oil and oil causes corrosion, which in turn causes a future bad connection.

zjohn13 says:

Excellent, very easy to follow when shown by someone who knows about it.

bungabongo says:

Thank you for this, saved me a fortune going to a jag garage.

D Hill says:

Thanks for the video! Very helpful for me to watch do help a customer put new batteries in

Justin Miller says:

Thanks. Do you have a guide for repairing the battery pins on the PCB?

Green King says:

Very good helpful informative video thanks for posting cheers

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