2003 Jaguar XJ8 Spark Plug Replacement, Ignition Coil Test, and Throttle Body Cleaning

2003 Jaguar XJ8 Spark Plug Replacement, Ignition Coil Test, and Throttle Body Cleaning

Spark Plugs (8):

1/4 drive ratchet
3/8 drive ratchet
8 mm socket (Fits 1/4 drive ratchet)
7 mm socket (Fits 1/4 drive ratchet)
10 mm socket (Fits 3/8 drive ratchet)
5/8 spark plug socket (Fits 3/8 drive ratchet)
Extension bars 3″ in; 5″ in & 8″ in (Fits 3/8 drive ratchet)
Torque wrench – Set to 18 ft/lbs
Screwdriving set – Phillips and Flat screwdrivers
Digital multimeter – test Resistance (Ohms) on Ignition coils
Anti-seize lubricant for new Spark Plugs
Throttle body and Air- Intake cleaner

Please pardon parts of the video, I recorded using an iPhone (AS YOU KNOW iPhone do not have a pause button on video; I had to use VideoCam app to pause then used Animotica to flip the video which was originally vertical positon)

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Mitchell Hightower says:

I learned a lot by watching the video on how to change the spark plugs on my 99 XJ8 Jag I'm able to take care of it because of the detail video and how to do this it makes me feel confident to complete the change of my spark plugs thank you very much

ddrockets town says:

I have a 08 jaguar xj shop wanted to fix my rear shocks for $2500 I did it myself with aftermarket air shocks for $273 with a 3yr warranty on the part.

Reilly Dowd says:

Your audio is a full 30 sec ahead of your video

Mitch Grooms says:

good video, I have a Jaguar car channel.. Take a look..

007ozner says:

You forget to mention to have the radiocode before disconnecting the battery!!!!

Star Burst says:

Young Man Sounds like Fez from that 70's Show. Rare for someone to show you from start to finish how to perform this Service. Keep in mind if you've never had a Jag before there's no way with out training one could figure this out. Inmar took the time to show us step by step how simple this was if someone takes the time patiently to show us how. At $ 95.00 an hour at the Jaguar Shop I think I can tackle installing a Fresh set of Plugs and new set of C.O P.'s ( Coil Over Plug ). Thanks Inmar

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