Wireless CarPlay and AndroidAuto in Infinity Q50 Q60 QX50 2015-2019

Wireless CarPlay and AndroidAuto in Infinity Q50 Q60 QX50 2015-2019


How to install a kit that enables Wireless Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto in Infinity Q50/Q60/QX50 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 model years.
The kit supports touch screen.



UrboyHadi says:

Will this affect my back up camera that’s already installed with my car

RC Monster Mash Studio says:

Does this have a digital boost gauge on it?

Jrudy says:

will this also be compatible with 360 view system?

Youstolemyshoes99 says:

Do you think this could go into my 2010 g37x coupe?

David Castillo says:

Does the Apple Maps work ?
Like does the navigation give you turn by turn directions?

Willy Reyes says:

Quick question, I have 2014 Infiniti, just bought a 2017 screen but doesn’t have navigation. Will this still work?

REZA85100 says:

Where can I buy it from

Luka Begu says:

Super video but 2 questions

The extra board to add is not screwed or fixed anywhere ?
Meaning it can move inside ?

The exit video output cable through sharp metal border of the screen frame ? Safe ?

4034L says:

how about the reverse camera and 360 camera. will it work?

Zack ! says:

Can you still use back up camera

Adham Jaber says:

Anybody know how to fix the mic audio, people can hear themselves speak when I answer the call on CarPlay

TwoPieceSam says:

What were the dip-switches set to on the box? Or does this one not have them. Thank you.

Logan Brewer says:

How do you toggle back and forth between the android OS and apple car play? Is there a back to home for the android op screen or a way to get out of CarPlay not back to the factory screen

Saul camacho says:

Does it work for the q50 2014?

Jim Williams says:

Why not 2014 fx50 ?

Yon Chung says:

Anything for 2014 q50?

Unfed Nofrillz says:

Great vid! this was helpful!

Wes Eastman says:

I want to get this installed in my 2015 Infiniti Q50 Premium. I live in the Minneapolis area. Do you have any recommended installers in Minnesota?

Chang Xing says:

Dude this is far from plug & play…

George Gonzalez says:

Can you mirror your phone on this?

peacelovefourtwenty says:

Do you guys have an eta for when these will be back in stock?


Does can carplay work wireless without to connect cable?


Could u open carplay, and shift it to R, does the Camara pop up automatically, or you need to trun off the car play first and you access to see the Camara when you going (R)/ REVERSE??

OMG Yeti says:

Any news on when these will be in stock again?

WonbinWins says:

Would this work with a 2020 red sport?

Mohi Uddin says:

Everything seems to work but the display. Do you guys know why the apple carplay display wont show up on the screen?

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