How to Change Headlight on Hummer H2 LED Upgrade | MrCarMAN

How to Change Headlight on Hummer H2 LED Upgrade | MrCarMAN

How to Change Headlight on Hummer H2 LED Upgrade

Replacing Headlight bulb on Hummer H2 9007 with Woxma LED kit

WOXMA 9007 LED Bulbs for High Beam and Low Beam Headlight:
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Canada Amazon:

WOXMA T10 Interior LED bulbs:
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Canada Amazon:

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Robert tindall says:

Can you recommend of matching DRL’s that will color match the Headlights. I did you’re upgrade and extremely pleased

Sharon Davis says:

That is amazing I would love to have this to replace my head lights on my truck❤️

Mikki Xi says:

Thanks, you made it look so simple. I have a h2 and a h3. Didn't know it was so easy, thanks.

Deerector says:

I’m missing the black round plastic thing that u take off that locks everything in place. Where can I get that for my h2?

Tyrone Govens says:


Sukhi Saini says:

The hummer h2 is crazy nice, but i want a SUT truck

nommmaddaaa says:

upgrade time babbayyy

Handy Dandy says:

Subscribe please

NygaPranks says:

gotta love me a giveaway, especially these for my Chevy tahoe night rides

Bob Saab says:

Oooooooooo, I want in. I love your videos! I big fan of youre channel

gabriel alvarez valdez says:

This is color?

thomas Cook says:

Are these 8000k?

IconicWrathPlay1 says:


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