2005 Hummer H2 Hydraulic Brake Booster Replacement

2005 Hummer H2 Hydraulic Brake Booster Replacement

Dave’s Garage by COPIlot shows how to change a hydraulic brake booster on a 2005 Hummer H2. This repair also applies to other GM vehicles. Thanks for watching!! Please like and share.

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Ijrail Ansari says:

Thanks you help me video

Manny Hernandez says:

swapping the push rod and retainer, is there a seal needed in that particular area?

jose S says:

there is a better way and it only cost me $8 dollars. why do you think they reconstruct all hard parts? they simply replace the mechanical parts. i kept my old hydrobooster and replace the inner seal. auto parts and dealers don't sell in most cases but some Internet places do.

leonardoceja1993 says:

Will a brand new unit from gm come already with the rod from the old one as oppose to a re manufactured one? Thanks.

bay area415 says:

the only tool i need a is a 15 mm wrench?

Fonzo vega says:

Very helpful video, I am having problem with my h2 as well. Thanks!

evd19us 11 says:

how much will job cost at a mechanic shop for my hummer h2

Benny Z says:

Great video thanks you

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