I enjoy film making and doing maintenance on my bobber. Here’s a short film tutorial on how to replace the clutch disks on a Honda Rebel motorcycle. I’m using my bobber as reference but this applies to most bikes out there. I hope this helps!
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Honda Rebel Bobber Project – In the Making:

How to change Honda Front Brake Pads:


Spanner Nut:

Friction Clutch Plates:


Oil Change:
I used 10w-40 type
Manual calls for 1.6 quarts which is between the min/max of dipstick

More About Oil Type:

Canon Rebel t3i



EJ Doyle says:

Good vid, but you missed pointing out the most important part on the clutch and that is the rod that the clutch lifter cam pushes against to disengage the clutch. Without it clutch doesn't work. The other vids miss that too.

Sir Rara says:

Fantastic video and wonderful editing!

Brock Bowen says:

Bobber looks amazing dude. Where can get the parts to do that to my rebel?

SketchyatBest says:

im sure i asked this months ago idk. but i was curious if you knew what the size of the engine was?

extreemslayer says:

Very informative video, thank you

Dhanuja Udayantha says:

Nicely done..
can u tell me the the size of the nut removing tool?
is it 20mm or 24mm?

Rebel25018 says:

Nice video! Question what pipes are you using sounds nice!

Don Ramos says:

hi there, i have a honda shadow 1983 i buy this bike with 3 screws of the clutch broken (i change that screws) but the clutch not cut and its verry hard to pull, what you think is the problem. thaks for your atención.


WOW THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR KIND SUPPORT AND COMPLIMENTS! I had no idea making film tutorials could lead to this much great feedback and encouragement. You guys are awesome! I’ll keep making more then! STAY TUNED!

truc ngo says:

after replacing the clutch plates, i notice the plates do not touch each other tightly. Is it suppose that way for honda cb 250 bike?
also, a big problem: no tension in the clutch cable, doesn't matter how i adjust both the top and bottom adjustment locations.
i try in 1st gear and the bike jerk & stop as soon as i release the cable.
please help, what is wrong? did i miss doing any thing? i can not ride the bike for over a month now.

Tim Desmond says:

Man, this is so satisfying to watch. I dont even need to know how to do this but I just loved watching it. Such nice edits.

Dreamwalker Films says:

You've brought a unique and pleasing style to the otherwise bland world of motorcycle tech videos. Thanks for doing something pleasantly different while still remaining very informative. Keep up the fantastic work!

Hector Duran says:

Great tutorial and easy to watch! Thanks for the video

Lars Cajvall says:

Nice video. Exelent instructions.

Russ Davis says:

Nicely done.

Song at 4:22??

EDIT; Found it. Take Five.

Carlos Perez says:

Nice video subs and liked when you started it was day when you ended it was night

KAONIC says:

6:18 He's got a spare Romeo and Juliet cigar ready to go, couldn't relate more!

Whipsley Wallace says:

Ya make it look cool.

David O'Neill says:

im diggin that exhaust

Rudelio Rodriquez III says:

Nice man! You made it look too easy! I am restoring a rebel myself.

Eric Garcia says:

What kinda oil did you use?

Matt Matthew says:

I love the video man !

Mark S says:

Did you tighten that clutch plate all the way down so that the springs all almost totally compressed?

RV Shadow says:

So the Rebel is the only bike that the frictions don't have to be soaked in oil before installing them?

Stewart walker says:

What's the torque spacs

Kwikshift says:

What year bike is this?

Stewart walker says:

What size are the bults on the springs

doobyboy21 says:

Damn this video was tight ! I wish I can visit Japan someday !

kellie t says:

called a castle nut

madheadmadDAZ says:

Did you change the clutch cover gasket?

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