How to Repair DRL Module Honda Civic Daytime Running Lights

How to Repair DRL Module Honda Civic Daytime Running Lights

How to Fix Daytime Running Lights on 2001 – 2005 Honda Civic Si #3
DRL module relay circuit board removal and repair. DIY Tools required: small screwdriver, 28-50watt soldering iron, solder, flux paste. Time: 30 minutes. Post your Comments, Subscribe, Share, Like to support my channel and Thanks for Watching! We demonstrate easy Do-it-Yourself repairs with detailed tutorials covering How to fix broken, damaged electronics, gadgets and consumer products from cars, cameras, computers to smartphones, appliances and furniture.

Defrost A/C Control:
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Armrest Repair:
DRL Circuit Repair:
Replace Air Filters:
Align Headlights:

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Robert Cyb says:

I have a 2003 honda civic, has exactly same problem, high beam light off and DLR signal on. So followed the instruction and it works. Thanks man that saved me couple of hundred bulks.

Patrick Forest says:

Works !! Thanks !

R Jones says:

Where can I find the DRL relay module on a 2007 Honda CRV? I had no luck locating it based on videos I saw for the 2005 Honda CRV.

Jared Mckenna says:

I have a 2005 honda civic and my high beams wouldn't work and the DRL light was constantly on… Did as instructed in this video and I personally had a much worse soldering job but it still actually worked! Thanks man

Adel Ghoneim says:

Thanks for your video. I have same model with same problem. I'll try your method this weekend


Thank you I did this and it worked!

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