DIY Car Projects: Fixing Honda's Dead Speaker Problem

DIY Car Projects: Fixing Honda's Dead Speaker Problem

If you own an 8th gen civic chances are your speakers have stopped working. Here’s how to fix it!



TheeJoeyLee says:

You just killed all the bass & mid bass. The baffle needs the bottom cut out so it can use the door as an enclosure. The rain comes from top. Also the ring you cut off the panel directs the sound out of the grill, rather than losing that acoustic energy to the inside of the door panel. You can get a roll of a medium density foam that will do the same thing, but allow the panel/ grills to go on without interference. Also cover the front doors in dynamat or roadkill / Fatmatt. This made my 20 $ pioneers sound like subs in the door compared to my stock speakers. Also bout 3 times louder on stock radio.

DBK Productions says:

It's just so awesome to from time to time come back to older videos of yours to just to find something new and helpful while working on one of these over complicated things. Love your videos.

The Boss says:

What's the speakers brand ?

ludwigmises says:

Bought the parts you recommended, followed your instructions, and it worked perfectly. Thanks for the video!

Thomas says:

You don't have to cut the plug. Just insert the new speaker wires in it and tape it it really good.

Zac vaper says:

If you install a BOOM MAT cup on the back of your speakers, cut a hole in the lowest part to let any water out and air in! Speakers need air to work.

Zac vaper says:


Zac vaper says:

Everyone has the correct plug on the stock speaker so don't throw it out or cut the harness! All you need to do is to remove it from your stock speakers and solder 2 leads. It is fun watching guys who think they know what's up. ☻

Ricky Bobby says:

Hey man hopefully you reply before the end of the day but, I followed you and cut the oem harness off but my speakers didn't come with any wires what kind did you use

Andrew Denley says:

Did you check the polarity?

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