How to fix wiper sprayers on 1994-1998 Chevy/GMC

How to fix wiper sprayers on 1994-1998 Chevy/GMC

Fixing the 2 sprayers



Jim E says:

Same prob. Pass side no workie.I will check that out. I REALLY hope it's that easy. Thanx for posting

Eric Sanchez says:

The reason it fell is because the tab on the wiper cowl broke off. Can still be fixed but you have to glue the sprayer to the cowl. Yeah I know this is an old video…

ydcreed says:

Exact problem on my 95. Thanks.

derekjlight says:

Maybe you can help me. I ordered a new plastic cowl piece for my 1995 Tahoe (the piece you pull up on). I need to remove the washer nozzles from my old one and put them in the new one. Do they just pop out of the cowl? How would you take them out on purpose? Thanks ahead of time!

Outdoor Automotive says:

and I forgot to mention the screws along the top there is 4 more

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