1995-2002 GMC Savana Fuel Filter Replacement DIY

1995-2002 GMC Savana Fuel Filter Replacement DIY

95-2002 GMC Savana 1500 Fuel Filter Replacement

This applies to 1995-2002 GMC Savanna



Enferno Muzik says:

Great video. I think mine is clogged. Soon as I step on the gas rather in Park or Drive it dies out. Starts up ok though.
Thanks for sharing this

JOHNNY says:

Will a bad fuel filter throw a PO300 code on a van

Dave R says:

Good and right to the point brotha. Just a quick question. I have a 2000 express 1500, I’m assuming very similar setup. It starts up sometimes, then won’t start for a while. Does that sound like the fuel filter, pump, or something else? Thanks bro.

Toy_So_Real says:

What tool did you use

Mrs Mrs says:

what was your van doing that made you change it

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