GM Steering Gearbox Replacement GMT800

GM Steering Gearbox Replacement GMT800

In this video I show how to R&R a steering gearbox in a GMT800 GM chassis. This is GM 1999-2006 and early 2007 (Classic) chassis. This is a pretty straightforward repair that is very common on this vintage of GM truck.



Stephen Elifritz says:

My 99 is hard to turn to the right. Left is great. I assumed the seals are shot internally?

Anthony Garmon says:

I need a how to for a Chevy Express 2001 van

Kevin Scott says:

What’s the name of the tool you use to get the pitman linkage off the gear box and where do I find one

Jerry Tracy says:

You said you are in Northern Utah? Wanna fix mine?

the4thj says:

What the hell is it with these GM's and the steering? I have to do mine too because it gets air in the system found out through osmosis of replacing everything.

Jammer P says:

Excellent video!

Token Asian Kowboy says:

Thanks for putting up a decent video without moving & bouncing a camera around at multiple angles where we'd easily lose track of where is the area of work. Just curious, was it leaking steering fluid?

ctguy591 says:

why didn't you just replaced the $ 5.00 pitman shaft seal ?

M&Ibooth says:

What was the reason for the replacement (leaking) ?

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