GM Has Stopped Making Car Parts, You Can’t Fix Your Car Anymore

GM Has Stopped Making Car Parts, You Can’t Fix Your Car Anymore

GM Has Stopped Making Car Parts, You Can’t Fix Your Car Anymore, DIY and car review with auto mechanic Scotty Kilmer. GM strike and problems of 2019. Where to buy car parts? GM layoffs 2019. General Motors fails and car parts discontinued. Gm plant closing. General Motor vehicles warning. What happened to GM. Is GM worth buying? Should I buy a GM? Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 51 years.

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MAsonTRIX says:

Where are the 1983 Renault Alliance's at in America? It was the car of the year don't cha' know!!! – Neo

mike sutton says:

I won't tell you what CHEV stands for " #*&%@ " it is unprintable here !

Robin Tammik says:

Will running an iPhone 11 over with a new GM car create a black hole?


My friend kathy and aunt Robin work at gm

John Smith says:

Most of the car parts don't come from America anyway not sure what Scotty's thinking most parts come from Mexico.

Aaron Phillips says:

Looks like I traded in my old pontiac for a kia just in time

freeyourmind88 says:

Yeah I got rid of my century had the notorious 2nd hard shift. Solenoid fail. To change it had to drop front end really frustrating. I would have just gotten rid of it.

Florbo Sagbag says:

I actually work for a dealership and the situation for parts is starting to get pretty dire because the shortage of OEM parts is actually causing a shortage of aftermarket parts locally. We're starting to run out of oil filters and drain plugs, and some varieties we've already run out of. We actually had to turn away some customers today and tell them "Sorry, we can't change your oil because we have no oil filters or drain plugs for your car and we can't get any in. Everybody is out."

Angela Jackson says:

Hi have a 2001 toyota corolla didn't pass emission it fail mil came codes 2 and bank 1

Michael Autry says:

Never buy GM!

poncho 467 says:

Put hight tariffs on imported parts and cars. To blazers with them.

Kurt Grillowitzer says:

I have a friend with a Chevy Bolt with a cracked windshield for months because the replacement part was "unobtainable" and that was a year and a half ago… No strike at the time and no customer report.

Mycroftsbrother says:

Electronics keep going haywire? I know, let's make self-driving cars!

Greg M says:

Remember that time GM covered up the fact that their accelerator pedals would stick to the floor and cause the vehicle to speed out of control? Me neither.

S H says:

Just take parts off the new cars, they're not selling anyways..

Rob Huddleston says:

I had a 1994 Chrysler Concorde with the V6 that finally died with 380,000+ miles on it. Great car!

AnotherDayInParadise says:

GM did not have horrible sales Scotty. Man, check you numbers before you go off on a tangent please.

Coyote112 12 says:

I have the same Buick about the same mileage. My trans skipped a couple times after I had it flushed. Hasn’t done it in a long time now. It’s amazing how many people give you a deer in the headlights look when you ask them when the trans fluid was changed.

impala tmech81 says:

Yea well most car manufacturers do that after time! That's why many car parts you buy at the brick& mortar places plus on line come from foreign manufacturer's!'

Jabootie says:

Kills me how GM uses FRENCH. They were told forget marketing the LACROSSE in France. Apparently it means to jerk off .

John Hazard says:

What would you do if you see your car at Scotty's video preview with a BYE word nearby?
Buy carparts from China ofcourse!

Steve sparta says:

I'm never buying GM car ever again.

Bicycle Things says:

Legend says that a gm car its never completely fixed :))

Stephen Gibson says:

Pretty sure many of these foreign car companies operating plants in the US don't have unions to deal with.

Tim says:

There are no winners with the UAW workers striking. I'm not a supporter of either parties. UAW didn't hire these workers. GM hired the workers. GM pays the workers. If the person that was hired liked what they were getting paid and liked the benefits they were getting when hired, why go on strike to now get nothing? Every business in America has the right to make a profit. That is their goal, to have a profitable business. If a business isn't profitable, guess who loses? Everybody! If GM decides to move all their factories and operations to China and Mexico, all these GM workers will have paid the UAW for nothing! I say, if you don't like the job you have, get another one and then leave the one you have. Better to have a paying job, and in this case a GOOD paying job, than to have no job at all! UAW only gets its money from the workers. They don't sell any kind of product. Not against UAW or Unions. When people are mistreated, they must unionize. What other option do they have? The people at the Smithfield plant in NC were being mistreated and they unionized. I don't blame them. If companies would just treat people fairly and pay them fairly people wouldn't have to unionize but unfortunately a lot of companies treat people like dirt and are unappreciated. I say to GM and UAW, work out your problems, get this solved, and go back to work. It's always going to be a give and take to resolve problems but it will never get solved if it's all about greed. Remember this, every time a company has to pay it's employees more money and benefits, the cost get passed on to the consumer. And when the consumer says the price is too high and I'm not paying it, I will buy something else, the company has to cut cost or lay off workers to stay profitable. GM has the power to close it's plants and move their operations to China and Mexico. Where will you be then GM workers? Standing in an unemployment line somewhere? And GM, start making quality built vehicles and lower the prices. Start your cost cutting at the top first! I will never buy a GM vehicle or any vehicle made in China or Mexico! That's my two cents worth of what I think.

Jason Blooey says:

Great. More problems for my endless money pit SRX.

Sam Eldeen says:

A tip for the owner of the 2.7L Intrepid; run some engine cleaner just before every other oil change for a day or two. The 2.7's would regularly blow up before 100k miles because of a poorly designed oil return system that was easily gummed up and starved engine of oil.
I had a ''99 Intrepid with 2.7 that was still going with 230,000miles when I sold it.

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