Simple how-to: Replace engine air filter, Ford Focus

Simple how-to: Replace engine air filter, Ford Focus

Easy DIY how to: Clean or change the engine air filter on your Ford Focus with 2.0 Zetec engine. The car featured is a Mk1 but the procedure is much the same for other cars.

MAF cleaning video:

You will need:
* 8 mm socket and ratchet handle (preferred), large flat blade screw driver (alternative)
* Suggested: vacuum cleaner & rag
* If replacing – new air filter, recommended: paper element from reputable OEM supplier (avoid oiled types) to suit specific car. Try Amazon links:
US: | UK:

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Craig's DIY Car says:

Amazon links to air filters (from the description):
US: | UK:

Connie Wright says:

On your YouTube you can not be heard and there is static.

Christian Mata says:

I have a Ford Focus 2000 and everytime I start the car it always wants to shut down. I really don't know what the problem is.

william629 says:

What was the name of the small square, spongy looking filter that was in a small recess at the top upper left corner of the air filter box? Should it be replaced?

Schwarz says:

Like your videos about focus.

Jan Šmucr says:

How do you clean your engine to look this good?

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