How to replace Ford 5.4 spark plugs WITHOUT BREAKING THEM

How to replace Ford 5.4 spark plugs WITHOUT BREAKING THEM

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How to clean the throttle body:

Complete step-by-step guide on how to replace your Ford 5.4’s spark plugs, along with some techniques that I use to help avoid the problem of spark plug breakage.



Your Mom says:

Man we need some consensus, the guys who use the impact swear it’s the key, but both camps used 1-2 cans of sea foam before the job. Also I noticed you don’t use the anti seize, that’s what other videos recommend.

Jose Alvaradoo says:

You deserve more than a like man. You sure know what you doing. Great video bro!!!


Ernie Bunch says:

I noticed you didn't check the plug gap…
I always tell my engine techs to check the gaps just in case the box got dropped or something. They are to be between .52-.56 on a plug gapper. It's a good video, but I was just pointing that out

Crash 42 says:

Why not start them with the tool I don't get it

Crash 42 says:

I did mine without breakage. Something tells me Ford over torque them at the factory. Used cab cleaner WD-40 and slowly started removing.

Kristine Swanson says:

By far your videos and explanations along with naming the tools you’re using and parts your working on are the best on the net. Finally somebody who doesn’t go into 20 min of detail with every single step! Through, informative and very helpful! Thank you! Look forward to watching more of your videos!

crazycooterMN says:


Levy Gant says:

I have a Ford 2002 Econoline Van E-250with 5.4L and I was made to believe that I have those spark plugs. I bought the van this past year and it only had 43,000 miles. It had been used to shuttle patients to the clinic. How can I determine if I, in fact, have these plugs?

purestress2 says:

Is the issue on the plugs the same on a 2007 4.6L

jay wilkes says:

Just 3 weeks ago bought a 2008 ford FX2. I am watching your video because on my way to work this morning I had a spark plug bust loose and broke the hold down plate on the coil . I didn't realize how much you had to do to replace the plugs on this truck. I hope the threads where not damage and fortunitaly it is the 2nd plug from the front on passenger side. Wish me luck and thanks for a very well done video on this.

Michael Holt says:

AutoRex, I really liked your video but it represents only a small percentage of 2004-2008 Ford 5.4 3 valve owners and is misleading for all but one or two out of 100 people changing these badly designed spark plugs. This is further evidenced by a class action lawsuit against Ford to which they lost and had to refund those who were fortunate to be a claimant. Google search this.

For the rest of us who have 100,000 miles or more, the spark plugs look nothing like the ones you pulled out because of carbon buildup around the porcelain shell which seemingly welds the shell to the head. Because of the welding, the 2 piece sparkplug pulls apart leaving the shell and whatever else in the sparkplug hole.

Yes, I am one of those mechanics who is very experienced and have been working on my own cars since the 80s. After reading all the horror stories but then watching your misleading video, I had enough cockiness to do my own. Well, I wasn't as fortunate as you because my sparkplugs broke apart even doing the procedure from Ford and others by working on a hot engine, breaking them loose, soaking it in a penetrant, waiting at least 30 minutes, then pulling them out. I STILL had the issue.

I think you should take this video down or do a massive disclaimer. The ease you had pulling these spark plugs out has little to do with your expertise and much more akin to luck of the draw. This is not a normal experience for very senior mechanics.

As someone else said, invest in at least a Lisle Spark Plug removal tool before starting. Breaking a sparkplug is about a 99% or more chance.

I apologize for the rant.

tstark175 says:

You're the man, followed your instructions on my 06 with 130k miles on it. Got all 8 plugs out without any issues! Thank you!

joesing13 says:

Great Video, good to know about removing the ECM to access that X%$&%% plug.

Viliame Ralulu says:

Thank you ..

Greg Beckham says:

Good video but dang, good thing plugs don't have to be changed often, not like the old days!

randy beard says:

Whoever Designed this Ford Engine and the Use of these Two-Pc. Spark Plugs Needs to have their Butts Kicked–You Sir Appear to Do Things the Right Way…..

Paul Allen says:

You made that look waaay too easy. Very good video! Sure wish you'd shown just how much of a PITA getting that back passenger side plug out is though.

sarno tec says:

Ford is the worst car company, building cars that are so difficult to work on. WTF Ford!

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