Ford Mondeo mk3 front coil spring replacement ,broken cracked diy repair fix

Ford Mondeo mk3 front coil spring replacement ,broken cracked diy repair fix

Ford Mondeo mk3 front coil spring replacement ,broken cracked diy fix



Alexander Lvov says:

what happens if the spring lower part didnt rotate till its very end of the rubber seat ? is it still ok?

Gary Seven says:

Really !!! … Your video showed little connection with my reality. Firstly my anti roll bar link was rotted into place, the top nut simply cheesed off into roundness, and with no other way of removing it, I resulted in cutting it in half with an angle grinder. ( Bottom nut inaccessible with strut in place).
The shock bottom clamp was rotted into place too. So I took a leaf from your book and using a small scissor jack put pressure on it, plus plenty of WD 40 and left it under pressure for 24 hours, checking at intervals and adding a half turn when possible to do so. This worked and it was finally removed.
Those springs are rather treacherous. But if care is taken the compressors won't slip. My concern is that it takes so much compression to get the top nut back on. My coils were actually touching each other, I was beginning to think that some previous owner had fitted short shocks .When removing the compressors the shock didn't get any longer, besides this, my compressors appear to be too big to allow the assembly to be replaced under compression..
So with angle grinder removal and refitting of a new anti roll link, I'm left with the problem of a strut assembly that is too long to be fitted into the bottom clamp. It;s now just hanging there.
Looks like I'll have to buy some more compressor clamps that are less heavy duty and will fit into the space provided. Although I'm not sure that this is going to cure the problem of too much length in the strut assembly. It simply didn't alter in length when the initial compression was released.
Putting it mildly, I would say that your car was a "set up" piece, where everything came apart so easily and nothing really reflected the reality that most old motors are pretty much corroded together.

Pieter84 says:

Well I just did this job too…. Had a hydraulic spring compressor for years, used it on about 30 cars I think. First time on a mk3 and first time I couldn't compress the spring enough to make it fit. Can't believe how much tension is on these things.

spandon says:

Great vid, thanks mate. It's got to worth saying how much damage that the human body (and anything else in the way) can incur if those spring compressors slip off or break….worth watching a few vids to minimise the risks…

blackmagic414 says:

Great video,but what a struggle you had! I think i will take mine to the garage, WELL DONE !

djas macco says:

This video made my day!!! I got a stuck shock in the arm and was using the hammer for 2 hours continuously today, is the end of the day and I am exhausted! But I saw that you used that pneumatic pump or how is called and went to buy straight away a small bottle jack! It popped out in 20 seconds, straight away. Man I love you, I never thought about using similar idea! Bright! Btw, the jack was only10gbp in UK.

Darryl Curtis says:

don't you have to drop the subframe  because of the hydraulic bushes on the wishbones

Jouko Haapoja says:

I would like to thank you very much for mentioning that arrow heads should point to outer holes. I've been searching that information quite a long time. There's plenty of videos without any hint of correct positioning – great job!

Mark Brock says:

Nightmare and bloody dangerous those mk3 springs,mines a v6…even on stand type compressor it was a pain…I like the way you took the shock out..we usually pull the whole leg /hub out…your clamp/ pinch bolt must have been replaced,usually splined and a pain in the ass…good video.

Entrophany says:

Good video. I'm replacing struts today on my ST220. I'm glad someone does these videos so I can be somewhat sure what I'm doing.

S Fergus says:

I like the idea of using the hydraulic press to separate the strut, it saves the hassle of removing the lower ball joint which is an absolute nightmare!

pat gal says:

Safer with 3 clamps and never put your hand between the coils when compressing the spring.

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