Ford Escape (2013-2019) – New Battery Install

Ford Escape (2013-2019) – New Battery Install

Learn how to install a new battery in a Ford Escape. We’ll show you how to replace/change/remove with simple tips and tricks to help get you started!

Tool List: 13mm wrench, 10mm wrench, Torque Wrench

Some vehicles like this 2013 Ford Escape have the 12 volt starting battery tucked up under the windshield wiper cowling. This video should provide you guidance for replacing the battery on a 2013-2019 Ford Escape. The battery is a little bit out of the way, but it’s there for crash protection, weight transfer, things like that. Although this video may provide you with the basic procedures, we recommend that you check with the vehicle manufacture’s step by step procedures found in service/repair manuals for the vehicle you are working on.

The use of a memory saving procedure will keep the vehicle’s computers memory’s alive during the battery replacement procedure. Refering to our Memory Saving video will provide you with various memory saving procedures that can be used according to vehicle manufacturer’s requirements.

Some late model vehicles must have the 12 volt battery registered with the vehicle’s Battery Control Module or Computer after replacement. See these videos on Battery registration and coding for more details on the procedures at &

Always wear safety glasses and gloves when working with or near batteries.



Joe says:

First: lifesaver love the detailed Barney explanation. Second: there is no way you can tell me they put that battery there for any reason other than to make you go to a ford dealership to get it replaced.

Bob Jazzman says:

This is by far the dumbest placement for a battery I ever seen.
Easier just to get a new car and NOT A FORD

Andrew Sheltra Photography says:

The best instructions ever. Thank you!

saxander says:

Excellent. Very detailed.

Man4Tide says:

There are two methods to replace the battery, this method is by far the most complex. I made the incorrect decision to follow this video because the entire operation seemed so incredibly easy. However I found out the difficult sections of the process are edited out so it seems much more simple than it actually is. I would not recommend this video.

NoLongo says:

I had the misfortune of changing one of these. The video helped a lot.

Sullivan Thomas says:

You shouldn't need to take off 15 difficult things to get to the battery. Ford needs to follow the kiss principle.

Barry R says:

Thanks, great video. Is the socket required for the air filter housing also a 10mm? Thanks again, great video, great help Please stay safe.

TrippyXDog says:

All that work to change a battery smh why Ford why?

Cha-Ka says:

I can’t believe a shop near me wants to charge $400 for parts and labor to do this. My daughter in law told me that’s how much they wanted.
I am an aircraft mechanic so she asked me if I’d do it.
$170 for the battery before discount. 1/2 an hour of work.
Thanks for the video. It always helps to watch another experience mechanic do the job before going out there to reinvent the wheel.

MCMXC says:

What a hassle, Ford Is Garbage! #YotaGng

J says:

there are more connectors to the air filter box that you don't address or talk about

Andrew Pine says:

Who ever designed this battery placement should dragged out behind the shed and severely beaten.

Martin Pickens says:

I wish I could sue Ford for this unbelievably piss poor design.

John Prendergast says:

Duck soup ?

Stephane Vaillancourt says:

Just replaced my battery in my escape. It took 2 hrs.

Screw every engineer that allowed this design to go through.

Thank you for the helpful video!

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