How to replace the upper ball joints on a Ferrari F430 or 360

How to replace the upper ball joints on a Ferrari F430 or 360

Ball Joints Kit – UBJ-360-K –
Ball Joint extraction tool – UBJ-360-BRT –
Hysol Glue – 184241 –
Hysol Dispenser tool – 184241-T –

In this video I will show how to replace the upper ball joints on a Ferrari F430 or 360. The parts were all supplied from Ricambi America through my partnership with them and are listed above. If you need to purchase Ferrari or Maserati Parts, please contact Ricambi America.

You will need to have some basic hand tools, floor jacks, c-clip pliers, a ball joint press, and an oven. Yes, you need to bake the ball joints to cure the Hysol glue once they are installed.

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Ricambi America, Inc. says:

Hello YT community! Thank you for the kind comments on this video. Partnering with Dan has been a treat, and we're anxious to see what projects he tackles next. We're excited to have him use parts from Ricambi America – and show everyone that indeed a normal guy (or gal!) can wrench on their own supercar.

Simone says:

Well done! Cannot wait for all the parts you gonna change 😉

Paul Rychlik says:

Congrats on the Ricambi partnership Dan! I've been watching your vids for a year now and have been looking at F430's for a few months. Checking for those loose taillights/mirrors, Sticky buttons, and everything else you've taught me, is quite helpful. Hope to get my 430 soon!

Jarrett Barnett says:

Are you a real enthusiast if you haven't baked car parts before? I think not 🙂

Adam Kushner says:

That's absolutely awesome man! congratulations on the sponsorship

Kool Keith says:

A skilled mechanic you are!

Patrick94GSR says:

Dang 80 bucks for that little press tool. I guarantee I could do it with a couple of deep sockets, long bolt or threaded rod, some nuts and few fender washers. I pressed in the headset on the last bicycle I built using that method, instead of buying a $200 headset press. Worked perfectly. Those sorts of specialty tools if I can’t make something it would be nice if they would rent it out, since I likely wouldn’t need it again.

Gene Chee says:

Was wondering how do I know if my ball joint needs replacing? What are the signs? By the way this is an awesome video

Galen Caudill says:

The ball joints have no lube? Seems like the stainless would gall. Where is the Corvette?

Taz Mod says:

If I every get a F430 I’ll know how to do it. Thank heavens nothing went wrong. Would a shop put those in an oven? Why would they use the other type of ball joints?

Hellcat523 says:

Awesome video.How do you like the garage flooring?

Shashi P says:

Good one, Dan. I started watching your vids for the DIY on the 430 and this did not disappoint. Keep it up. Thanks for taking the time to film it. I know it can be a pain to do the work and film at the same time.

gav says:

the ease of doing that job, I'll put in new joints every year.

also every other YouTuber will say they have to sneak pass the better three quarter to use the oven

Monty Mikho says:

aka snap ring

dean miller says:

Love Ricambi! You turned me on to them when I bought my car last summer, they have been stellar! Side note, do yourself a favor and get a quality set of c-clip pliers- those universal c-clip tools $uck! Great video, looking forward to more "tech tips"!

No No says:

DDE is in Texas make a video with them. Love the videos keep it up!

Stephen Jones says:

another awesome video! show the control arm bushings and the clutch please!!!!!!


I always thought ball joints on cars had grease within the rubbers…hmmmm.

Robotfixr Bow says:

Good choice to not continue the Julia Child thing. Haha

Randy Whitten says:

Great video. Easy walkthrough. Thanks Dan!

Michael Kerr says:

Another entertaining video, Dan. Thanks. Can we see more of the dog, though? The dog rocks!

Mr D says:

Interesting video, you covered the whole gambit, the Ferrari, the wife, the fish tank, beer break, the dog, and the mosaic in the kitchen that held up your remodel.

Ish Ish says:

I like the stairs in your house spiral I always wanted a stairs like that

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