Here's Why I'm NOT Throwing Out My Cheap Ferrari's Burnt Engine (IT'S A MIRACLE!)

Here's Why I'm NOT Throwing Out My Cheap Ferrari's Burnt Engine (IT'S A MIRACLE!)

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Today I make the choice to save my burnt Ferrari’s engine, because it’s looking better than I thought. MUCH better.

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Boilerhouse Garage says:

Who's the manufacturer of that timing belt? I want them on my cars! 😀

ItsVorts says:

Hey tavarish this is Hoovies Garage Ferrari not your……

jack remolado says:

he's more talking than fixing. LOL

Jay Slabotsky says:

Late to the party but even if there had been a little water in the cylinders, why would your first instinct be to throw it out instead of sending it to the machine shop?

Subhan Rehman says:

4:28 song pls?

Rob M says:

so… did you give up on her or fix her up?

WiseGuy02 says:

What's happened to the car?

Sabya sachi Roy says:

Now that's a BURNeletta

time traveler are we there yet says:

i find it amazing that you pretty much took that engine out by yourself and kinda easy doin it….
but yet a dealer or independant shop wants to charge 5 to 6k just to do a belt service
i mean they act as tho its hard to do and it takes like 6 people to pull it and its an 4 day job to do
looks like you can get it done in less than 24hrs. so why so much they charge.

Paul Robert says:

The mechanic version of Neil DeGrasse Tyson

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