Fixing a hole in My Ferrari F430

Fixing a hole in My Ferrari F430

Watch me, AlexMartini, a master mechanic, fix the massive hole in his hood because he has no concept of patiently waiting to do mods. Ps don’t forget to subscribe!



@AlexMartini. says:

I suppose we should fix the trunk setup next on this car, eh? Looking like a rats nest in there right now :p

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@Kiule2 says:

But does it stand the heat and weather tolerances? (If any)

@enscivwy says:

You forgot to mention the part where you were Alex

@Hugobossygurl says:

Ferrari's gon cease to exist dis dude

@erwinmonti5066 says:

Can't wait until Ferrari finds out? You put A? Part from Home Depot. On? One of their cars that's got to be about a 10 million dollar lawsuit.

@Shad0wCl0wn says:

Nobody else gonna even mention he just said, "MY GAPING HOLE you could FIT A SMALL CHILD into?" Nobody?

@anthonyvillafana930 says:

I'm sick and tired of hearing 'master mechanic" bro you're a ricer

@rafeykhan1130 says:

Isn't it gonna flood the frunk if it rains?

@jacksonmagriplis6617 says:

How many years does it take to be a master mechanic where you are mate?

@rjthomasindyusa says:

Maybe a “master”bator…..

@WileyO says:

Where are the cats in the trunk?

@nightmareinaction629 says:

If you ever need to glue sometjing flat use contact cement let it dry the boom stick together and stuck there for ever

@graham2088 says:

Sorry master mech… I ain't installing nothing 🙂

@palmerconnelly says:

is the car the hood came off of front engine. i cant think of any good reason if its not. maybe quick access to the frunk

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