How to Install 4.7HO Camshafts & Solid Lifters in a Jeep Dodge Chrysler & Mitsubishi

How to Install 4.7HO Camshafts & Solid Lifters in a Jeep Dodge Chrysler & Mitsubishi

This is a popular cam swap for a true HP gain with 4.7 HO Cams. This will work on all 1999-2007 Chrysler 4.7L engines. Detail instructions on how to adjust solid lifters. The sold lifters are not required for the HO or the 08 and later camshafts but I would recommend them if you have the HO cams reground to correct rocker arm geometry. This would eliminate the need for shims under the lifters. I got the Solid Lifters (Lash Adjusters) from Also show to remove and replace valve cover gaskets. Related videos, Remove & Replace Lifters & Rockers on a 4.7 & 3.7 Jeep Dodge Chrysler & Mitsubishi and How to Identify & Remove 4.7HO Camshafts
link for the solid lifters (lash adjusters)
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Cameron Moulton says:

Could you use the factory lifters with an HO cam? Would there be any problems with the valve train if you used factory lifters?

bowtech1020 says:

Love your videos. I really do love my 4.7HO… In my 04 overland… Plenty of power… And underrated it's a smooth engine… And I drove a hemi and honestly seat of pants feel goes to the H.O.

Alexis Melendez says:

Hi Martin @martinbuilt , i´m doing this H.O. camshaft swap in my 06´ Grand Cherokee, also i´m installing the solid lifters and the Comp beehive valve springs that I bought from AIRRAM.COM. Your videos has been very helpful to my installation. I just wanted to ask you: what is the maximum and minimum gap that must have between the rocker arm and the lobes of the camshaft?; Another question I wanted to ask you is: do you needed to make a reflash to the PCM?, do you use any programmer or something like that to make the PCM work correctly with those modifications?

Amirite Guise says:

installed HO cams in my 2001 durango today and your video was very helpful! keep up the good work boss

Rafael Blanco says:

Hey Martin,
Where can I find one of those timing wedges? Do you have one for sale?

Yoopertube Jeff adamczak says:

Any ideas where to get high rise intake and better cams for a 3.7L?

Chuck Miller says:

Great video I learned a lot Big help thank's

Rafael Blanco says:

Question for the master 🙂 are the 08 cams the same as the HO cams? Can I install the 08 cams on a regular non-HO 4.7? Just wondering because one came available at the pick a part

DoggyB22 says:

Anyone know what type of HP gains they're seeing from doing cams on a WJ?

Ken Robinson says:

I think the 4.7 is one of the most under appreciated engines on the planet. I've owned two of them (01 Dak/07 1500) and both were animals and served me well. my 07 1500 even towed better than my current 1500 Hemi. The bottom end torque they produce is outstanding.

Onefastdak4.7 says:

Great video Martin, I run a 02 Dakota 4.7l that makes 586 rear wheel horsepower and I used these solid lifters and had some major issues. My question is how in the world can you use a solid lifter on a hydraulic cam?? The solid roller cams have a very different profile than the roller hydraulic cam. I'm running the 218/224 cams, granted they are regrinds. When and if your rockers come flying off at 6000rpm would you let me know please. Thank you

Noel Bruyn says:

i have a 2000 WJ 4.0L inline 6. Could i do this modification or a similar modification?

Rafael Blanco says:

Hey Martin, great videos. I found a set of 2002 H.O. cams and I also brought with me the air manifold. Is it better to use the 02 HO manifold or leave the one from my 07 Dakota? Will I need to use premium gas?

Jeremy Frye says:

Great video! What could be the possible causes of my 02 dodge 4.7 having light poping out exhaust after a ho cam install. It shows up most when I put on my cold air intake. It runs fine no lack of power but running lean up to 17 sometimes at idle. Air fuel all over the place. I have checked coils, plugs, fuel pressure, and changed o2 sensors. No check engine lights or vac leaks. Any suggestions thanks!

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