How to Fix Dodge Ram Door Handle WITHOUT BUYING A NEW ONE

How to Fix Dodge Ram Door Handle WITHOUT BUYING A NEW ONE

98-01 rear door latch
how to fix the latch you have



learning to live says:

i have had mine stop working twice, but each time it was because the little bolt between the rods that holds the mechanism came loose. yet each time the little clips you are replacing with your idea were/are still good and tight. but i live in AZ where it is pretty dry all the time and the latch at the bottom of the door never gets rusty or dirty from rain and snow and stuff. so i bet the people who get this problem like you maybe need to keep that bottom door latch clean and oiled so that it does not eventually get dirty or rusted and then stress out those lame little clips that hold onto the rods. just a thought.

Vince David says:

So I got the door that will not open and it's the latch on the bottom that the rod goes to… But trying to pull up on it caused the clip to break and the rod pulled out of the latch… I can't figure how to fix this now since I can't get the latch to work.. Any ideas?

Curtis May says:

Thanks for the video my Dakota it is just did the same thing but I don't think I'm going to do the zip tie I'm going to figure out something else I'll work on it tomorrow go down to Ace Hardware and I'm sure I can figure out some kind of swivel

Electro_Deadlight_Elite says:

This is the video I need to see more often.


what is the door type on this truck called

Trevor Zaitz says:

great video! thanks man! I think the reason you couldn't find the right size thread is because it's not a thread at all. it's just ribbed… thanks for the tips!

Valerie Twinn says:

I am so thankful for His instructions I'm handicap and not a person in this world wants to help me this is the 2nd time it happen I got reared ended and it came off Thank you for your time doing this you are helping more people than you know cause it's was hard for me to find to subscribed and give thumbs up But it just shows how easy and how much I use computers

Andrew Jacobson says:

great video, thank you for the help. it worked for me

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