DODGE RAM HEMI Exhaust Manifold Stud Replacement Leak Ticking FIX

DODGE RAM HEMI Exhaust Manifold Stud Replacement   Leak Ticking FIX

In this video I show how to fix the ticking sound that your HEMI can make when the exhaust manifold studs snap. This is a very common problem on the HEMI engines and can almost be considered routine maintenance that I would replace every 80-90k miles or so before they snap and make it more difficult to change.

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Alyssa Johnson says:

that is a "no back pressure" "valve slap"

K2Nemesis says:

I think this is what happened to my 2011 1500 with 94k on it. Thanks for the video. I definitely won't be doing this job myself lol. I'm tired of snapping bits drilling out busted bolts. Plus I don't have the patience right now.

John Pickup - CDHS says:

Noob here! Are the "manifolds" and headers the same thing? And if I installed upgraded st headers would the heat shield go back on or would I even need one?

glenn bryson says:

good video !! very professional !!  not one "F" bomb …  I would have to spend more time editing out bad language than actually working …I appreciated the advice about cheap bits and extractors.. thank you..

funflyingfools says:

I love your videos! Because of this one, I was able to find the ticking I had and fixed it myself. I was lucky! The bolt that broke was on the passenger side and broke off right at the head. I was able to grab it with a pair of vise-grips to take it out. Thanks a bunch! You saved me a bunch of money!

MrBudge72 says:

So I just did this on my 2012 Ram 1500. Thanks for the great video. One thing that I will add is to check to make sure that your exhaust manifold is level on a flat surface. My truck has 160,000 miles and the driver side manifold was slightly warped. I replaced it with a new one because I think the warped one will just break the bolts again sooner.

Tim Anderson says:

Great video as always. I'm looking forward to your header installation video. See you in the forums.

Devon Pinkston says:

If you're still responding.. we're the manifold bolts difficult to undo? I'm going to attempt this here soon.

Tyson Kurt says:

Great Video!


Not even 40k miles on my 2012 ram and I noticed the leak yesterday on start up. Pretty pissed that it happened. Love my truck but we shouldn't have to deal with this. Thinking maybe a set of shorties and decent hardware will keep it from happening again. Just don't trust the mopar replacement bolts if they already snapped once…. Thanks for the video. Very well done and informative.

Dan Bogardo says:

Awesome video. I noticed my heat shields are loose on both sides closest to the firewall. Now I wonder if the bolts are broke.

Joe Gest says:

I'm gonna dread replacing mine if dodge doesnt pull thru with my 5 month out of warranty, 2012 5.7 with 55k miles on it. Put a call into customer care and opened a case. I already found one busted stud at the engine block. Dreading the drill/extract or weld to the bolt to get them out. $85 in my ebay cart for parts to replace. Dealer at $100 -$170 for parts. Thanks for the info and video.

Have you gotten alot of people telling you they had this happen on their Challengers with the same motor? I got a buddy that thinks putting in Lucas will make it quieter….I think he's got some busted bolts too….

Michael Souza says:

For those watching this with a 4×4. The motor needs to be raised in order to get the dip stick tube out. Fyi.

Frank Vielma says:

I have a 2012 Dodge Ram and I love what you're doing with yours… especially the hellcat wheels… I'm having the same problem with the manifold I'm planning to swap them out but I was wondering if the replacement bolts are better than the ones that the truck comes with?

Kurt Mccann says:

Would have loved to hear what it sounds like after

S01LACED says:

I need to do this, but I might just go to ARH.

No hard Feelins says:

Nice video. I have the same problem with mine guess i will wait for warmer weather lol

Samuel Collie says:

I have a 2013 1500 with the 5.7 hemi. The truck has 40,200 miles and just had the manifolds (warped) and bolts replaced. Cost almost $1200 with no guarantee it won't happen again. Man, it's been a good truck but that problem is expensive.

tallll70 says:

If it's such a common problem on every one of them, it should have been recall, i have almost 50k on mine so i guess it's coming, but my 06 model never had this issue, although i do have bumper to bumper warranty now i might have to consider jba

Tim Singer says:

Great video but never seen someone use surgical gloves when wrenching. Lol

Kurt Watson says:

I need to do this on my '11, but will be replacing the manifolds with shorty headers.

sam paulk says:

What did you use to extract the sheered off bolt that was still in the engine block? Like where could I buy the exact bit and what is the name of it?

Alfonso Martinez says:

Hey man really liking the videos man they do help and inform but just curious would you maybe, have like before n after clips of the manifold ticks?

David U says:

why did dodge use these crappy bolts??

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