Dodge Ram 1500 U joint, diagnosis and replacement

Dodge Ram 1500 U joint, diagnosis and replacement

In this video, we discuss how to make the diagnosis of a bad universal axle joint in a 1998 1500 Dodge Ram 4X4, and how to replace it. An alternate method to remove the cup if it should become seized in the yoke is shown.

This is an amateur demonstration shown for entertainment purposes and offered for free but with no guarantees as to accuracy or safety. Before doing any DIY home repair you should read widely from many sources, and specifically the dealers repair manual for your vehicle is available online. Any misadventure you encounter if you decide to accept the risk of home repair is your responsibility.

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zx8401ztv says:

Smashing repair 😀
I didn't see any mistake, you were teaching us how not to do it 🙂
We all make mistakes 🙂
Not having to remove the wheel bearing is a big plus, damage is so easy to create.
How long did the old needle bearings/cross/caps last?

More than a year i hope ha ha 😀

Bill K says:

Great instructions and explanations. A shot of grease every now and then will flush any water and grime out of the joint plus relube the seals, keeping them clean. I believe the sealed for life joints do have tight fitting seals but the seals wear out from road grime etc. Then water and whatever gets into the joint, the grease turns into the consistency of valve grinding compound and the joint fails. Thanks again and take care.

Tom Sommer says:

Great video. It proved to me this is not a job for the average DIY mechanic. LOL

Maciej Olejniczak says:

Finally ,something with a dodge :-),whats your condition of a front driveshaft ,can you hear a clunking noise too??

مهند كهربائي سيارات says:

جيد احسنت

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