AEV Snorkel: How to Install – Dodge RAM 1500

AEV Snorkel: How to Install – Dodge RAM 1500

This is a step-by-step instructional install video to show you how to install your AEV Snorkel on a 4th Gen Dodge RAM 1500. Big thanks to Chapman Dodge in Las Vegas for allowing us to film in their shop so we could share it with you!



@tweyenberg says:

Awesome video really shows that install. I've been courious about this for 2012 Ram.

Dirty South Fishing Texas says:

I actually used this video to install my AEV snorkel. Total time 2hrs! Very easy when offroad shops wanted to charge 650.00 saying 6hrs of labor. Watched this twice and followed AEV directions with the template, it came out perfect. About midway thru I needed the wife to hold the fender out while I tightened the bolts. Think the hardest part was getting the hole cut perfect for the snorkel to fit thru. I riveted the snorkel to the intake tube with a lot of rivets to hold it in place while I put the fender back.

Drinkymcwater says:

what was the total cost? Parts plus labor?


Is the truck named Noah ?………..sad.

Crypto Troll says:

Great content! The ram 1500 world thanks you.

Ryan Sears says:

it's hardly going to be water tight if they aren't sealing the mods made on the air box

Ghostrider304 says:

Not a snorkel as much as a raised air intake system. Not water tight.

EnvyIt 112 says:

since im poor and can only afford the V6… would this work on a V6? Also would this allow fording deeper water or is this strictly cosmetic?

Travel Guy says:

He did good protecting the body till he got out the die Grindr with cut off wheel and shot metal sparks all over paint and windshield. Bet if you run a razor blade over windshield you will see it’s all melted metal in it on that side

Alex Austin says:

What bed rack do you have? And would it fit a ram rebel?

pawel says:

first video on yt how to instal snorkel for ram , grate thenks!!

Dirty South Fishing Texas says:

They didn't show watertight sealing of each connection of the snorkel, nor the air box when he rivoted it together. Hope it doesn't fail when needed most! I'm going to tackle this myself tonight and see how long it takes.

Charles Cotton says:

How many hours for the install? Trying to figure out install cost.

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