How to Install a ATI Super Damper on a Dodge Jeep Chrysler 3.7 & 4.7

How to Install a ATI Super Damper on a Dodge Jeep Chrysler 3.7 & 4.7

Detailed instructions on how to replace the OEM harmonic balancer with a performance ATI Super Damper with a 25% underdrive pulley. I will do a review and performance test of the product. I also show how to replace the front crankshaft seal. Work was performed on a 04 Jeep Grand Cherokee. On the 01-04 Grand Cherokees, you will need to remove the radiator and Hydro cooling fan as a unit. It is too much work to remove the fan by itself. With the Underdrive Pulley use Goodyear, Continental 4060855, or Gates K060854 serpentine belt.

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eyobin2 says:

Nice video but did he just grow a beard from frame to frame lol

Traveltech360 says:

You should be selling these tools you make 🙂

Evan Hartenburg says:

Hey Martin, does the under drive pulley have any noticeable effect on the performance of the engine auxiliaries (water pump, alternator, PS pump)?

Hellcatrider 707 says:

Will this damper fit a 2005 Dodge Durango with the 4.7??

Jim R says:

At the end of this video you said you were going to replace the radiator due to cooling issues. Wouldn't reducing the water pump speed add to that problem? Also I did replace my harmonic balancer on my semi Diesel engine at about 1,300,000 miles and it is much smother. My friend did not and he broke his crank shaft and had to replace his engine.

Angel Badillo says:

As a 4.7 ram owner I am thankful for Nick as he provides wonder parts and you for these helpful videos!!

smily14 says:

I have never seen anyone this extra

Mechanical Trainee says:

Lol @martinbuilt thanks for the video! I’ve learned so much watching the Jeep series! I laughed because it’s funny to see you clean cut 2/3 then beard last third. Still as always great video!

Chevy Turk says:

Fuck, how long did it take him to put everything back together? Clean shaven then bearded up. Lol

djhook flores says:

Are you still happy with the SuperDamper modification? Also, what kind of exhaust set up are you running? Your rig sounds tough man… I like it

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