Front End Knock | Overlapping Labor | 2010 Chevy Equinox #repair #suspension

Front End Knock | Overlapping Labor | 2010 Chevy Equinox #repair #suspension

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amazed Lung nuts…The dealer can’t fix it! This is Super Bad!

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@RainmanRaysRepairs says:

Damaged Lug Nuts… The dealer can't fix it! This is Super Bad!

@knowone6214 says:

Dr Rainman Rays Chevy swollen Nutz syndrome….LOL…..much better video quality now

@dennis2376 says:

What is wrong with the truck?

@drumyzeb says:

That camera does not like the frequency of those shop lights at all.

@crazydavebacon1 says:

watching the beginning of the video, i hope you check that engine light also. annoying always seeing them on with no regards, just fix the problems lol

@mtbmilkman says:

Love your videos Ray. I had to laugh with the cotter pin. Nope to big try this one while I am looking at the one taped to the lower control arm in the video for the nut! LOL So easy for us to see but when you are involved with making the video and explaining things you are not looking for pin to be taped to a control arm I am sure! I always start my day with a Ray video!

@shawnlee3495 says:

Did not show tighting the bushing.!!? I hope they are tight????

@ianmcleod8898 says:

Can the trolls out there spell liar – bil – ity

@davej3487 says:

Just have to say it, sorry.

You using that diesel heater in the shop, please do not use Chlorinated Brake Clean. The fumes will get reburnt in the heater and it makes Chlorine gas.

@GigglyWolf90 says:

I have been working on my cars and motorcycle and of course you gotta say the obligatory “click”when tightening stuff. It’s never failed me yet

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