Chevy 5.3L oil pump timing chain water pump harmonic balancer removal low oil pressure fix P0521

Chevy 5.3L oil pump timing chain water pump harmonic balancer removal low oil pressure fix P0521

1999-2013 #HowTo change replace install Chevy #5.3L #oilpump timing chain water pump harmonic balancer removal and thermostat without removing oil pan low oil pressure fix check engine light trouble code P0521 how to time engine timing marks oil pressure gauge drops below 10psi step by step tutorial labor guide on removing the timing cover and replacing timing tensioner timing chain and oil pump while engine is still in car. Chevrolet Suburban in this vid was model year was 2008. Oil pump trick works for 6.0L as well. Avalanche Silverado Tahoe GMC Sierra. Low oil pressure problems? Try changing the oil pickup tube o-ring. Replace oil pump, how to fix low oil pressure 5.3
Replace front main seal, crank seal, crankshaft seal

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kenneth reimund says:

This in another one of GM's engineered (college education at its best) s**thole designs. This clearly goes to show how they put NO though into servicing their products (AGAIN). If I was the CEO, I would be embarrassed beyond words that field mechanics have to get this creative to fix "our products". I would rather craw into a dumpster and let the rats eat me alive.
Richard, GREAT JOB!, you and a few others have figured out how to get around this pathetic design flaw, which I am sure GM has NOT fixed. Tragic.
I have the option to attempt this procedure, I fail, I'll pull the engine. Just more money the client will end up paying. Again, tragic.

RomaTul says:

Is it recommended to replace the harmonic balancer bolt? Is it a stretch bolt?

Brian Rhodes says:

U should look into a ratchet box end and get come brake cleaner and clean that job better. JMO great video tho

Ron says:

My timing gear is rubbing the camshaft sensor. You ever seen something like that and how can i fix it?
Thx in advance says:

Why didn't you just cut the little tang on the pickup tube collar then spin the collar put the bolt on the other side

jose valdes says:

How did you take out and put in that one pos bolt on the bottom passenger side of timing cover ?

Willie Aguilar says:

You better buy a Japanese SUV and Car is good simple engineering design and heavy duties

jeff wood says:

dont forget to prime this pump using the priming plug in the side of the block (see melling oil pump priming video). Also, dont forget to line up your timing cover by installing the balancer before tightening the timing cover bolts first. this centers the balancer in the new seal and wont wear your seal prematurely. Great vid with great tricks though!

Brandon Carr says:

So I’m in the process of doing my timing chain I found this part from melling that will help with the pickup tube. Part # m29500 hope this helps everyone with this pita.

Google Mall says:

You conveniently skipped pass how you got that harmonic balancer bolt out I have never had one come out easily? I was curious to see how you got it out but you just zoomed right past that??

Julio Rivera says:

Question how did you torque the camshaft bolt? Without the engine turning?

Matt Vilare says:

Can u use the bolt that had the washers on , without the washers instead of threading the other

George Butcher says:

Great Job Mister , and lots of patience .

Keep It Running says:

Thanks for all the tips and tricks. I’m about to replace my oil pump and your video really helps!!

Paul Apodaca says:

I just put together my 2010 5.3, it has ignition coils not a distributor. Is there a timing procedure that I must do before firing it up? All I can find anywhere has engines with distributor caps. And my balancer doesn’t have any markings. I rotated until my valves are closed (valve springs not compressed). What else should I do to ensure my engine will run properly?

Mr K says:

Hello, What oil pump did you go with?

Alejandra says:

Haha I'm about to do this with my truck

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