Budget Interior Transformation! 1992 Chevrolet Silverado! OBS Upgrades!

Budget Interior Transformation! 1992 Chevrolet Silverado! OBS Upgrades!

After driving this regular cab shortbed for a few months I’ve identified some issues that need to be resolve. The main thing is the interior is absolutely disgusting! Also the doors rattle and the wind noise is annoying as all get out. I’ve also wanted to update the exterior mirrors, diagnose the HVAC and address some leaks. I really like this pickup so I hate to part with it but if someone were to fork out $9500 I’d let it go. As always, thanks for watching!

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Caleb’s Crazy Machine’s says:

A good name for second Chanel would be morts shorts or duff tales or duffs stuff

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Duffs daily dealings.

Y.A.D Drolic says:

Mortske and duff

michael bush says:

mortskys moments

Donald Behr says:

They make cup holders that come from the factory that hang on the lower dash and use 2 screws under dash to hold it on and it folds up when not in use.

grif5332 says:

Now you need topkick/kodiak door outside handles.

Roy Wayne and Thunder Ridge says:

Mortske's Misadventures

David Griffith says:

Duff tails or The Mortski and Duff show also sounds good

big daddy says:

YA GM keep's make trucks harder to work on. The 99-06 body style's the easiest of all years to work on but they are the rusty's trucks I have ever seen GM should be ashamed of them self on those trucks the 07-13 are a pain to remove headlights and really hard on 14-18 trucks .Stock lights are the only thing I want ! .Call you 2nd channel (DUFF'S Dog House)

Andrew Erickson says:

Duffdogs b roll

Marcel Rodrigo-Bibbs says:

I run the husky liner floor mats in every thing.

Andrew Leonberger says:

There is spray paint made for painting plastics and you can stain your door panel and carpet to a darker color. Ive done this on my last 2 trucks it works great and is durable. People thought I got New everything inside. I went all gloss black inside(so it would show all the dust).

Andrew Leonberger says:

I use womens spandex pants to slide over center consoles and sun visors. Pull it tight down to the toe. Its a cheap no sowing way, and your can get any print or color. Easy to replace or just slide another over if you want something different.

Xombi Xombi says:

I saw that wierd oil pan washer on Toyota's in the 80's

Xombi Xombi says:

I am about to begin a similar journey and hope to learn from your efforts. Thanks. Is the aluminum blanket stuff better for sound deadening?

Clint Watters says:

If soda stain spill fresh soda or coffee with dawn dish soap scrub let sit then pressure wash. Heat sheildds and Urban legends Lol…

Dakota McNeely says:

I had a 90 GMc 2wd just like this when a whippr snapper. C notched it too. When I did my door pins I did the door main latch stud on back and it kept door from rattling. Keep it up, enjoyed the video.

Chadwick Stanley says:

Better than puddin 2

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You and Duff have the best content!

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Duff kept turning to you to roll down the window. You did not do your job.

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Lots of good content on this channel bro. Keep it up. Subscribed. Thx

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LED bulbs are way brighter and better than anything halogen including the Sylvania that you mentioned

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Chilling with the Duffski

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Mortske 2 Electric Boogaloo

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LMAO Pros and Cons, that's why Duf doesn't talk to you, ha

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hang that carpet from your overhead door rail with c clamp vise grips , it works!

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Duff's view

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