Replacing GM SUVs Electronic AutoRide Front Shock Strut Cadillac Escalade front strut Repair

Replacing GM SUVs Electronic AutoRide Front Shock Strut Cadillac Escalade front strut Repair

Here is the (ELECTRONIC OEM VERSION) strut if you want to use your old spring —

If you would like to purchase the entire setup (ELECTRONIC VERSION OEM) here it is —-

If you want to do away with the electronic and replace with passive system here is the entire kit for half the price (ENTIRE KIT MEANS FRONT AND BACK AND PASSIVE MEANS NO ELECTRONIC PLUG INS) HERE —

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Sooooooo….. My personal ride here one that I am not personally selling, well yet at least! In this video I will show you how to remove and replace Your front Electronic Auto-ride strut. Now I did have the assistance of a hydraulic lift and a shock press as well. However you can use a floor jack to remove the tire and a lift is not necessary!

Get the New electronic autoride strut @ suncore corporation. These guys have the lowest price electronic and passive struts in the nation and there located in Boynton Beach FL!

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Fernando Castaneda says:

Can some know how to desactivate the SERVICE RIDE CONTROL after I replaced the shocks for regular ones I got this massage on display all time

Tom Kat says:

Aren't you supposed to replace in pairs ??

Nomadic Mars says:

Dude stop commenting on mechanical videos. You are using so many wrong terms in this video.

James x says:

Remove sway bar link… His blown out ones make it easy to install the shock.

James Light says:

How do you not get the sensor light on and what's the best replacement for the Escalade.

Markus Prime says:

does the top nut torque not matter?

justame smith says:

Dang man. You make it look easy

George C says:

What's the problem? I have Escalade, when I make a brake in low speed (5mph or lower), a "ta" noise can be heard from driver side. Sometimes happened when make turns.

D Angelo says:

Can i barrow your automatic jack to do mine and I'll return it as soon as I'm done

Brad Stolz says:

Do you know where to buy those little connectors for the top of the shock? My vehicle had those removed, and they didn’t come with the new AC Delco shocks that I bought. Thank you.


What shocks are you using ?

Beaver 420 dd Alonso says:

How much for the struts already assemble?

erik hall says:

you are missing the rubber bumpers that go on before that limiter washer, did ur new struts make any bumping noises when u hit a big bump? I just did a set about an hour ago is the only reason im asking, mine did have the bump stop though.

Prince G says:

I currently have 2011 Escalade Mrc shocks . can I replace my mrc with suncore

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