How to Change out taillight Buick Lucerne

How to Change out taillight Buick Lucerne

How to Change out taillight Buick Lucerne

Tail light / Turn Signal bulb
Small tail light bulb

Instead of just replacing and not showing you what I was doing. I decided to make a quick video on how to change the taillight bulb on my daily driver buick lucerne. Usually I would just change it and go on. Its a really easy process and hopefully this video helps someone that wouldn’t normally tackle this.

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Gopro Hero 6 Black
Gopro Session
Video editing
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@ytjhhh says:

Whats the dialetic grease for

@finleybee1149 says:

Thank you so much for this! Me and my college friend had to change it in the rain and we never would have been able to without this video

@curtiswalter86 says:

Any bulbs getting changed on trunk lid or just don't worry about them!?

@linguistsam says:

I really appreciate this demonstration; I backed into a pole and busted out my tail light on my Buick. The replacement has arrived and now I have the courage (but not the wrench, but at least I know what to buy now) to replace it. Thank you.

@billparsons7732 says:

I always check before a task. Thanks for the10mm tip; fixed in minutes.

@lucxddreamz says:

Thank you for the video

@user-dm8gg3fp9n says:

Don't know if you'll see this since you posted it 3 years ago, but thanks a million! You made the process easy peasy for this 67 year old female that is capable of doing such small tasks, but gets anxious when I have to. I decided to do this on my own after finding that I could not get into a mechanic for THREE WEEKS! It was a great confidence builder to do on my own, thanks to your tutelage and support. Mille graze and best wishes to you!

@The68Fox says:

Thank you! I was a little shocked when I got out there in the parking lot with bulb in hand and there wasn’t direct access to the connector behind the trim

@bookman1107 says:

Thanks for the very specific demo to change those bulbs. I originally though I could just pull them out and replace. Great job!

@colt2206 says:

Is it windy?

@chriscalzada3389 says:

Great vid.
My Buick just blew a bulb and you helped me fix it. Thank fella

@ADHDlanguages says:

Thanks buddy. The ones where you just reach in and grab them are easy, but once tools have to come out it's nice to have a demo of what exactly to do.

@krazmokramer says:

Thanks! I watched this so I could help my neighbor replace the brake light on his Lucerne.

@jimeckenrode1271 says:

My turn signal just went out and I tried to get to it but could not get that trim piece loose. thank you so much for this video.

@jamesdoyle7222 says:

Thanks so much for sharing. I appreciate it.

@famasmaster2000 says:

Very helpful, thank you

@katiegregor1578 says:

Thank you for spending the extra time to film this. It really make a HUGE difference because the light was not getting changed because we just didn't know how & taking it to a mechanic to fix is always cost prohibitive! So, again, thank you for taking the extra effort to make these little videos for us non-mechanic types. And, as 'they' say, it's always easy to do once you know how to do it.

@alsonollid says:

I know this is an old video, but its super useful. Im curious if you can help me understand my problem more.
My right tail light and blinker combo does not light up at all when I switch my blinker on, or hit the breaks. I just ordered bulbs and haven’t changed them yet, but I’m wondering if I should have ordered the blinker bulbs as well?

@jessicakoolkid says:

Should I disconnect my battery?

@marathon5605 says:

Thank You and thumbs up.

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