Part 2: How To Replace BMW CCV

Part 2: How To Replace BMW CCV

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In this DIY/ Tutorial I show you how to replace/change the CCV (Continuous Crankcase Ventilation) and its hoses on a BMW E46 but can be used for other vehicles.

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How old are you?
What car do you own?
-S54 swapped E46 Sedan
What is your name?
-Ankur but you can call me Jason
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-Alhambra, CA
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-You can email me at or direct message me on instagram @ShopLifeTV

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Kristiyan Stoikov says:

How long does it take to do the job

Arthur McPherson says:

i channel my ccv vaves on my e46 328i now my gas pedal is flat with no pressure. can it be a the throttle body went bad. my car turn on but nothing from gas pedal

Titanium E46 4Ever says:

you are a big mechanic.

Giggidygiggidy12 says:

this is a great vid, thank you. Any idea if I can clean the throttle body and IAC the same way on my X5 e53, the intake boots look different on your car than the X5 so I wasn't sure, also would it be better to pony up and just replace the IAC, any real benefit to replacing it vs cleaning it?

Ivan Roman says:

How can you tell when its the cold climate version?

J Winne says:

What are your thoughts on a CCV delete with an oil catch in its place? I live in a non smog area.

Brady Baxter says:

Awesome video, you're providing a great service for the E46 community, thanks!

Caleb Brown says:

You made this look so easy! About to tackle this one tomorrow wish me luck. CCV has been the likely culprit of a few problems I’ve had recently.

JR M says:

will the same work on a m54 engine for a bmw 525i e60?

Slackerz Sincity says:

Does this cause my car to smoke?

Anthony Mayn says:

How long do you think this took you

John Michael says:

Great help! Thanks! Prior to installing the return line to the dip stick I would also recommend verifying the drain on the dipstick is not clogged. Mine was. Cleaned it out with piece of wire and cleaner.

sluk sluk says:

TOP video, thank you very much

Mike Moyer says:

Seriously though, why would someone thumbs down this?

sharon moore says:

Love your work and shoes!

Glenn Mabasa says:

hi my rpm drop slowly when i rev the car? ( and thanks for the videos they have been of much help)

wilfrido says:

So f*ing nice video!!!

Jason Lee says:

Just a tip:
The very top hose which connects to the air rail needs to be twisted into place. There are grooves that direct the twist. I just did this diy 2 weeks ago and was referencing this video and the 50s kid video. Sure you can connect it by just pushing it into place but it requires too much force and you might end up breaking the ccv. I also thought it was impossible.
Despite what others say and the fact that the space is extremly limited down there, it is 100% possible to twist the hose into place (under the intake manifold ) but it requires time.

Changoleon Camacho says:

hi amigo I have a 323i and I have the gear light on how can I fix or what can I do?

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