How To Install Inlets On Your N54 Powered BMW

How To Install Inlets On Your N54 Powered BMW

In this video I show you how to install a set of driver side factory location silicone inlets. These sit in the stock location. I install a set of MMP engineering inlets.

In the next video I will give you my impressions and let you know how much power the car picks up.

Installing a set of aftermarket silicon inlets on your N54 powered BMW yields considerable gains for the money.

You need to set aside a few hours to accomplish this job but its well worth it. It’s my favorite mod so far!



Matthew Weisdorfer says:

Going to be installing MMP silicone inlets in a week plus new 034 motor mounts. I figured while I was in there, the motor mounts would be more accessible.

My question is I wonder if you have had a problem with the rear inlet popping off like some have complained about in the forums. If not, what do you think has contributed to your success of your rear inlet not popping off?

I’m going to use silicone grease instead of dish soap to use as a lube for the rear inlet. I am worried the dish soap will cook on the rear inlet once the engine heats up. The twin turbos make the engine so hot.

I also found a hand tool that has a 10” hacksaw blade in the handle at ACE hardware. It sort of looks like a knife with a round, rubber handle. I also found a small, flat ratcheting type wrench that you can insert specific bits in, on Amazon. I’m gonna use this to get the two bolts off the rear oem inlet.

Neiko 03044A Mini Ratcheting Offset Screwdriver and Bit Set, Pocket Size Close-Quarters ,1/4-Inch DriveNeiko 03044A Mini Ratcheting Offset Screwdriver.

Mike Franz says:

Is it possible to put the rear inlet on with out removing the downpipes?

BimmerTV says:

Great DIY! Thanks for posting.

ejrives says:

Have you had any issues with the rear inlet popping off? just curious.

Rain9333 says:

Nice video! Can you give some hints to prevent rear inlets from slipping off? Happen to me 2 times already :/

mahunik says:

if you were in the middle of a clutch job and the transmission is fully removed would you beable to install rear inlet without removing downpipe

Jorge Torres says:

Hi, excellent video. Today arrived my MMP inlets to my 2007 n54. The connection to the turbos is 2” because I am thinking about upgrade my turbos. The front side was easy yo install without any problem but the back side there is no way to pass it between the firewall and the head valve. I put a lot of Vaseline but the 90 degree elbow is no way to pass it. Did you used it a 1 3/4 " or 2" inlets ? I could not do it anymore tomorrow I'll try again. Please what do you recommend me? Thanks in advance.
PD. Sorry about my English does not my native language.

Kyle Gillam says:

Where do you get your tools for working on the car And how much would you say it would cost to buy all of the tools required to do all of the maintenance and preventive maintenance?

Flash Leads says:

Hey bud great video, there are a few inlets out there which ones you recommend? And links to the one you bought?

Brett Gainfort says:

Excellent DIY video, very helpful!

Matthew Weisdorfer says:

What drew you to MMP vs other brands of inlets ?

Matthew Weisdorfer says:

I am a little surprised you do not have an aluminum charge pipe vs the stock plastic charge pipe with 370 hp. I would bet you are closing in on 400hp after the inlet install.

Joel Juguilon says:

Are you going to do outlets as well?

Anything Goes says:

where did you get the inlets? im local. thanks!!!

Anything Goes says:

great content

Abhi Sastri says:

Great DIY video. I’m in the process of having vrsf oem location inlets installed with a new set of turbos.

DJApex says:

Help me do mine I’m in clear lake and I’m dreading this

Calvin James says:

Nice DIY. Hurry up with the next vid lol, waiting to see if all of that hassle was worth at least 15whp or so.

Joel Juguilon says:

Awesome diy

Joel Delgado says:

interested in the next vid. looking to buy some as well

SroArcher says:

Awesome video!!! I look forward to getting inlets and outlets!

swamp says:

excellent explanations and solutions …many tks…keep us posted on the factory parts issues that seemed to be missing from the kit

ypoob go says:

can i have your old air filter you remove?

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