BMW E46 Quicker CCV Replacement – Part 1

BMW E46 Quicker CCV Replacement – Part 1

CCV Component Kit (with cold weather hoses):
Hose Separator Pliers:

Dipstick Tube O-Ring: 11431740045

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michael w says:

u r the best

Lukas dolk says:

Cred to you for making these kind of videos

Martyn Mellow says:

Thanks '50's Kid'. Last weekend I replaced my Vanos seals and valve cover gasket, using your video as a guide. This weekend I have replaced my CCV system. I couldn't have done it without your help. You have saved me hundreds of pounds in labour and my car is running like never before… it's literally flying! I am now addicted and wondering what to do next… ??? 🙂

Supyosup Bond says:

Such a boss bro we all love you

Da Maestro says:

Is it ok to clean the idle control valve with throttle body cleaner?

Darius Douglas says:

Can a bad ccv causes car overheating

D Lake says:

Outstanding video. I'm due for my 2nd CCV replacement and your DIY makes me confident.

C P says:

Finished it today based on your Instruction,worked fine,took me 4 hours with lots of Smoking Breaks and Cleaning throttle body and icv,and some more things.used new seals,now its running fine.thx jason.

josephcarter7 says:

Thanks for the CCV twist trick, I did my 99 323i last weekend and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be thanks to the twist trick, your the best!

william andre says:

Haha, this fits me great, also got my ccv parts today, now i dont need to take the manifold of like in your other video of ccv replace. I live in Norway, and i cant see the "cold climate" hoses on my car, and its not even imported.. I do think it may leak some oil or something, aswell im going to change the valve cover gasket. ive seen some condense in the oil at winter, because of really short rides everyday.. so oil changed, now for the ccv and valve cover gasket. hope it works, i will use this video for sure 50's :)!

Im no mechanic, just a 23 year old "Handy mann" haha, but all i've done to my e46 are all credits to you ! haha Changed all my abs sensors last week, but i still have the 3 lights in the dash.. middle @ and abs/handbrake.. so might be something else.. Im going to try to disconect and reconnect the "cable" saw something like that one youtube, or i will need a diagnose on it.. and yeah, last week i used one of u videos to change the waterpump, Car runs still, so thanks ! 😀

Phil D says:

Awesome videos man! Anytime I always check your channel first to see if you've done a diy. Just did this ccv replacement yesterday and the only thing I would add to your diy is to remove the purge solenoid bracket too. I struggled for awhile to get that top hose on until I removed that bracket. Went right in on my first try. Keep up the good work man!

travis scala says:

Hey Jason I have a challenging problem. P16a7. My car goes into limp if I smash the throttle. I'm guessing it would be clogged cats but I'm not sure. I can shift to N and turn the car off and on and it goes away till I smash the throttle again. I was wondering if spark plugs foul outs would work on my post cat sensors to solve this problem till I can afford new cats. 330i 04 so m54 e46. Thanks man. Tried to msg u on FB but no luck sry for the yt post off topic.

TheHobe says:

Your camera angles and lighting are great; I do not know how you do it but keep it up.

sanolane93 says:

Would you consider just going back to a catch can system instead of doing these CCV systems over and over again? (Assuming you get a higher quality catch can)

Eric Carlson says:

Hey I’m having and over heating issue that I’d like to ask you I’m only heating up at idle and once I push the gas it drops back to Normal my guess is I’m having something slow the coolant flow me and my dad went threw everything I can’t find what’s causing the issue. I have new water pump thermostat expansion tank hoses and flushed the radiator and heater core any ideas

TitanSilver354 says:

Where's Part 2? Don't leave us hanging dude…

token R. says:

50skid with them great angles really appreciate it man this car is so small compare to real life awesome

Da Maestro says:

very helpful video as always thanks!

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