How to replace Front wheel bearing on AUDI A6 C5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC [HD]

How to replace Front wheel bearing on AUDI A6 C5 TUTORIAL | AUTODOC [HD]

How to replace Front wheel bearing / Front Wheel Bearing Kit / Front hub Bearing / Front wheel Hub Bearing on OPEL ASTRA G TUTORIAL | AUTODOC [HD]
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Douglas Wells says:

Why not grease the inside of the hub and the new bearing for install?

casper akoma says:

Very good video and well set up shop.What size is that bolt(socket) on 13:53

winter time says:

He looks like one of the Mario bros lol

dontzenyourselfout says:

…first class video
really well done

Jarl Aspunvik says:

As it turns out, the bearing on my Audi A6 petrol 2.6 1996 has only ONE Correct direction for mounting. The inner diameter and the outer diameter is different and therefore the bearing has only one correct way to enter. I have just changed bearing on my Octavia which has the same inner diameter all the way. And when removing the wheel spindle, the inner part of the bearing normally splits in half (making it difficult to identify the difference in height).
Therefore I didn't pay enough attention and ended up mounting the bearing the wrong way. When pressing the wheel spindle back into the bearing, everything entered fine a little more than half way, and then it just stopped. After a while I found the reason.
Therefore, please identify in the video that there (sometimes) is a Right direction and a Wrong direction for mounting the bearing.

Of course, I don't know if this particular Audi A6 C5 has the same issue, but I can spot in the relevant part of the video that he feels inside the bearing with his fingers, but just continues without making a point out of anything. Just an idea. At least it would have prevented me from having to go out and buy a new bearing 🙂

jim t says:

what yr Audi A6 was this. i have a 2003 and wanted to know if I have the bolted on bearing and hub or if I have to take spindle off like this??

13fantasma says:

Nice video!

Rob Weeks says:

@ 6:07. Lol. If you try this at home, your pinch bolt will not come out like this…… 😀

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