Audi A6 / A7 (C7 4G) Automatic transmission fluid replacement in – DIY

Audi A6 / A7 (C7 4G) Automatic transmission fluid replacement in  – DIY

Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) replacement in Audi A6 /A7 C7 4G 3.0 T – 8 speed automatic transmission

Tools needed:
Philips screwdriver
Torx – I believe it was T45 and T50)
Socket – 18mm & 8mm
Tripple square – 10mm & 12mm
Hex – 10mm & 5 mm
Ross Tech VCDS or something else that shows ATF temp

Oil pan tightening specs –

ZF Lifeguard 8 ATF ( I used 5 liters)
BECK/ARNLEY filter 0440387
N91174201 -front suspension, suspension mounting, support brace front bolt x 2 (two of those)
N91174101 -front suspension, suspension mounting, support brace rear bolt x 6 (six of those)



Ömer says:

how many liters oil needs ?

Nedzad Mulabegovic says:

Hi Falek
Great clip
Please if you can help me with next one;
I bought Audi A6,2009 2.0fsi 170hp here in Kuwait. When put in Sport drive, it kind a jerk it’s smooth like in normal D. Car has 119k km.
Im pretty sure that previous owner didn’t change transmission oil and filter.
Here are temperatures are nuts 9 months during year. Any advice would be appreciated. Is it time for oil change or it is something more serious!?
Tnx a lot

PKmode says:

Did I miss it? Why did you not do a full flush? Are you not concerned about reusing much the old fluid?

Francois Ducharme says:

Hello Felek, thanks for the video. I have the 8-speed tip on a A5 2015, 72,000km. My question is if I can simply drain and fill (through) the fill hole a few times and call it done, I.e. not change the filter nor drop the pan. Q1) Was there a lot of oil that came out initially through the drain plug? How much do you think? Q2) If I do it properly 2 or 3 times at an interval of 3,000-4,000km , I would assume the fluid would be changed sufficiently, no? Thoughts ?

Mohan J says:

Nice video. Whats your opinion on changing the fluid on 2013 A4 quattro at 80K Miles for the first time?

Michael G says:

Felek how does ravenol ATF compare to the ATF you used in your video? Which do you think is better? Also what is the brand of the filter kit you are using? Do you know the name of the brand Audi uses?

Waleed A.Malek says:

In a 2007 automatic transmission Audi A6 3.2, would you change the oil if the car has 180,000 km? and never been changed before.

Waleed A.Malek says:

hello… do you have a video showing Audi A6 C7 2014 DSG 7 speed transmission oil change please.

Family Smyth says:

What should the subframe bolts be torqued to 6 back and 2 front?

Philip Young says:

This took half an hour on fast forward, in real time how long did it take to finish?

J W says:

Telekom how do you know when it’s full?

Hhfhlx says:

Hello there! What is the reason for Audi a7 acceleration without strength?

mcs6979 says:

Hey Felek
How do you lift and put your A6 on jack stands? As far as I can tell the jacking point is the same as the lifting point.

Fernandes Vieira Rui Filipe says:

Hello felek!! Thanks for your video… can you tell me witch transmission you have please…I have (8hp55a his) quattro and I want do the same… change the oil… but I earded that it's more complicated than you did, also we can have problems later whith the gear box….so what can you tell me??? Can I do the same as you…? Did you have problems whith the gear box??? Thanks again best regards…

Tek says:

What did you remove before you get to the pan?

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