How to replace your steering wheel On Acura TL

How to replace your steering wheel On Acura TL

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Garrett Media says:

Steering wheel bolt Torque Spec 29 lb-ft
Torx Bolt Torque Spec 7 lb-ft

The Acura Channel says:

Cool video man. I always wanted to know how you remove and replace the TL steering wheel.. Acura does a good job with hiding their screws, and other features that aren't visible right off the bat.

Watson Family says:

What kind of lights do you have can you send me the link

JSPH : says:

Dope DIY Video

Actually all that shine is actually dirt and oil from hands… you should scrub it with ph balanced APC and toothbrush. the leather should have a matte finish

Qiu Media says:

Nice tutorial man, you should take that old one and see if you can reupholster it with new leather or something!

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