How to replace Tie Rods (inner and outer) on a 3rd-gen Acura TL

How to replace Tie Rods (inner and outer) on a 3rd-gen Acura TL

This video is about how to replace inner and outer Tie Rods on a 2004 Acura TL. There was one minor error we made and put a passenger side outer rod on the driver side (look for the curve direction). We didn’t retake the video during the quick swap.



juri Mendoza says:

On my 04 tsx I see some grease or lube from the boot, but my question is that do i have to add more grease or lube after replacing inner tie rod and boot? the looks almost exactly like my car even though it is TL.

George Espinoza says:

i have a 2nd gen tl do you think it might be similar to this?

MrChad97Z says:

what are signs of a bad inner tie rod?

Martin Cumpian says:

What size wrench is that?

Carlyle Tom says:

Just had a estimate from Mavis. I brought the 2006 in to get an alignment. They informed me that due to the needing tie rods on the driver's side, that it would be foolish to do the alignment. Of course that made perfect sense. However, they also told me that I needed all new rotors and brake pads. I had already known that I needed rear pads but the front pads were good. I had new wheels and tires put on and had checked the brake assembly. They wanted $660 but I declined. I knew that the rotors were good, so I simply bought the pads for the rear and installed them myself. I'm about to purchase the tie rods (in preparation to install them myself), but I was wondering if it made sense just installing the right side tie rods and not along with the left side?

Omar Qureshi says:

Nicely done:) I have a question. I am trying to install the boot back on the rack. Where exactly am I seating this against? ( ie over the rack or that lip where that hexagonal piece is inside the rack. Car is 1998 Acura Integra GS (Auto)

Nick Leabo says:

Helped out a lot, thanks!

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