Ball Joint Replacement – 2003 – 2007 Honda Accord (04 – 08 Acura TSX, TL)

Ball Joint Replacement – 2003 – 2007 Honda Accord (04 – 08 Acura TSX, TL)

This video will show you how to replace front suspension lower ball joint on a 2003 – 2007 Honda Accord. The replacement was performed on a 2004 4 dr Accord LX. Method of performing this service can also be done on a 04 – 08 Acura TSX & TL. The replacement will improve ride quality and help correct wheel alignment, tire wear and traction issues. Honda specific ball joint press adapters and a ball joint press (some auto parts retailers rent them) are needed to perform this replacement. For the highest quality ball joint with a lifetime warranty, go with MOOG brand suspension products.

04:55 Be sure to add a grease fitting plug after removing the
grease fitting.

Parts and Specialty Tools:

Moog Honda Ball Joint:

36 mm CV Axle Shaft Nut Socket:

Honda Ball Joint Adapter Tool Up to Year 2000:

Honda Ball Joint Adapter Tool From 2003 On Up:

OrionMotorTech Heavy Duty Ball Joint Press & U Joint Removal Tool Kit with 4wd Adapters, for Most 2WD and 4WD Cars and Light Trucks (BK)

OTC 3/8″ Impact Driver

8-Pack of Honda / Acura Brake Disc Rotor Screws by Mission Automotive – Stainless Steel

Permatex 22058 Dielectric Tune-Up Grease:

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A P says:

What ball joint press kit is that?

Richie F says:

Thanks for the detailed vid boss,,,,,much respect

Achilles Mercado says:

You remove the grease fitting and the grease will come out. better put standard flat head bolt to secure the grease..

LemUUU says:

I have never seen one of those wheel speed sensors come out without breaking.

Edmundo Villalvazo says:

Working in the flour? Damn it

hitesh bora says:

Nice sir really gr8 working

man kin ho says:

Hi, i like this video that show step clearly. I would like to know the size of the cotter pin of the ball join, did you know that and could you tell me? I think i should prepare some before i do this replacement.

0907634313 0907634313 says:


truejey 747 says:

Great vido.How many pounds is that mallet.I need to get one.Just need to know which is perfect for auto mechanic.

Paulo macia Macia says:

Dinossauro profissão

Jose Rios says:

Good video!! One question you didnt need to put the snap ring retainer on the ball joint??

Md Badal Miah says:

Thank you sir

Jose Nuñez says:

Y cuanto se cobra por el servicio

Ákos Kovács says:

What kind of impact wrench can the axle nut unbolting? Is that an electric impact wrench?

todd3205 says:

This is the best video of this kind that i have ever seen. Really a good piece of work.

Positive Infinity Positive Infinity says:

Great video until people realize the importance of torquing the nut NOT only on CV axle, but other nuts and bolts. This CV axle needs torquing because, from what I've learned, there's a lot of pressure put on it so needs to hold exactly specific tightness when going high speeds above 50 mph. There's a reason for torque guys careful what we learn from YouTube, I learn from YouTube myself.

tim says:

Thanks for the video. I tried doing this but even the 'honda' specific adapter kit did not fit the ball joint. The receiver cup was a little too small and wouldn't let the ball joint come out. What brand adapter kit did you use? I have a 2004 acura tsx. Thanks

mptorecon says:

Youz a bad mutha fucka! Awesome great job brother.

Hugh Jass says:

Liked your video. One major issue though…when you removed the grease fitting and left the hole open. What's was the plan there? I am certainly glad you have never worked on any of my cars, and that is exactly why I never let anyone work on my cars (only me) if I can prevent it. That one action on your part makes the rest of your procedures suspect. I still enjoyed the video though.

Ryan Baux says:

Gotta do two of these tomorrow on an 06 accord. Good video!

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