Volvo vnl d13 belt install. Diy tricks tips

Volvo vnl d13 belt install. Diy tricks tips

Safety first keep the key out of the ignition.
Shut power off and air released from brakes wheels blocked.
sharing how I replace engine fan belt. recommend replacing alternator belt also because need to remove fan belt to install alternator belt.
regular tools used- 3/8 flex head long ratchet (helps with keeping tentioner down to align belt) and add deep socket with extension for leverage while holding it down with one hand and adjusting with other



بلبل الشمري says:

Thank you for this great video and accurate photography.

K Kazakbay says:

Where are you located in Sacramento?
You do tune up engine d13?

M J says:

Thank you sir really helpful
I wish I have mechanic explain like you in Dallas
Thanks again

Sorin Roman says:

Thank you so much for all the info!

jaspreet singh says:

Can you show how to change coolant thermostat on D13 Model if it has any, please. I have a 2015 Volvo D13 truck. I have been wondering if it has a coolant thermostat that I should change.

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