(Pt 3) Volvo From HELL…Wipers DIY DISASTER! (05 XC90 Turbo)

(Pt 3) Volvo From HELL…Wipers DIY DISASTER! (05 XC90 Turbo)

Ready to head down another RABBIT HOLE?

The Windshield Wipers on this rough 2005 Volvo XC90 never worked right since the owner bought it. There is obvious DIY FRUSTRATION under the hood trying to fix the wipers.
Hack wiring has been installed, so we need to clean up this MESS and start from scratch.

How hard can windshield wipers be to diagnose?
In this case, NOT TRIVIAL AT ALL!
They are controlled by the CEM (Body Control Module), which also talks to the “Rain Sensor”, wiper motor, and appropriate relays.

Owner says that he already sent the CEM (Body Control Module) to be refurbished, and the company found some BURNT TRACES on the board??
Here we go…







@CedroCron says:

What was wrong with Wiper Motor to Relay through a fuse to the stock on the steering column? Honestly, why over engineer the wheel that already turned. "KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID" Apparently the Euro-Trash manufacturers didn't get the MEMO!

@mydogpeaches1 says:

it’s truly sad when you run across things like this im positive that the person doing the work on this car was trying their best but people please don’t do this to your car fixing an electrical harness when cut like this is expensive and sometimes you can’t get the peace to make a repair and have to replace the entire harness to get a proper repair so i have always warned people don’t cut the harness as there’s always a need to properly diagnose the issue first and you should only cut as a means of repair not for diagnosis purposes cars are so full of modules these days that just cutting and grounding a wire that shouldn’t be grounded can kill a module so save your pocket book an your car by using the correct tools or someone experienced to fix your car unfortunately this car will need extensive wiring repair it’s unfortunate

@Claude-om9og says:

Park that thing outside your shop with a couple old catalytic converters in the front seat and hope someone steals it!

@gerard1212011 says:

What are your thoughts about the Topdon scan tools. Would you recommend it? Love your work.

@michaelbrown5601 says:

Hack dude only paid you for half the fuel tank work? As soon as I’d seen the taped up wires, I’d have put the vehicle outside and demanded full payment for the fuel pump. But I’m nowhere near as patient

@mkilptrick says:

Modules modules modules. When will they stop adding them? It's like my new computer reminding me I need to upgrade my antivirus software when I haven't even owned it for one year.

@bigdaddymak1439 says:

I was told when i first started working on cars in the 90s that the only thing worse than someone who doesn't know what they're doing is someone that doesn't know what they're doing but thinks they know what they're doing!! This guy is the latter

@nevillegoddard4966 says:

Hey Ive, why didn't you charge the owner the FULL cost for the fuel-problem repair? You fully fixed it didn't you? Why should YOU be out of pocket? I don't get that.

SO much complication. SO many connectors, wires, sensors & modules. For what? Windscreen wipers? Far canal!

Are Swedes that inept, & so lacking in perception they can't tell for themselves that the visibility through the windscreen has been reduced because of the rain?

Those pinched, shorting wires in the overhead rear-vision mirror assembly – Were they pinched from the factory, or are they the result of a ham-fisted primate playing around with them?

Just make sure this customer pays what they're supposed to pay; I'm getting sus. Did they plead with you to only pay half the fuel-flow repair? If they're having trouble paying for that, how are ever gonna pay for the rest?

@chuckjames8685 says:

The wipers have to be in the parked position or they will continue to have voltage, they are not attached properly, remove the wiper arms when working on wipers

@williamnielsen3947 says:

great detective work, love having my brain fried, looking forward to the next one

@JimmyMakingitwork says:

Man, once you see someone was cutting and hacking up the wiring, you know you'll need to repair the repairs to be able to do the repair, lol.
No worries, Ivan is on it.

@topher8634 says:

The bulb seemed to be blinking in time with the door chime

@TStheDeplorable says:

Egads, the Topdon battery maintainer and desulfator costs $800! And they're out of stock! Must be a good unit. I hope they comped you that one!

@sprint48219 says:

how about telling him that you knew how it worked when you brought it here if you don't wanna pay the first part of the bill I'm sure as hell not gonna run up anymore!

if he gets pissed off he can always explain to whoever he's complaining to why he is driving a car that is running

Tell him to go buy a tank and have a local shop change it

@robertsmith2956 says:

Sad when a driver needs their rear view mirror to tell if it is raining.

@IamDerick says:

You are a tolerant man Ivan most mechanics would not touch this. Unless it was a good friend or family I would pass. I admit I do enjoy you unraveling these DIY misadventures. Cheers.

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