How to replace the odometer gear in your Volvo 850 so it will count miles again. Replacement – REMIX

How to replace the odometer gear in your Volvo 850 so it will count miles again. Replacement – REMIX

Odometer gear replacement: 1 to 2 hours ($10 / $220 / NA)

In this video I show how to replace the odometer gears in the Volvo 850 instrument cluster. You may want to replace both small and large gears. The small gear is usually the problem.

Small gear:
Both gears:

NOTE: If you have a Volvo 850 with a broken odometer, FIX IT ASAP. The most important thing in caring for a car is changing the oil as scheduled. How can you do this if your odometer doesn’t work? STOP the guessing game and fix the odometer. You will save money one way or another.
Why should you fix it:
Dash Pad Removal:
How to read actual mileage, ’93 through ’95:
How to check the miles in the cluster on the 1996 and 1997 Volvo 850 cars:
How To Add/Correct The Mileage:
How To Reset The Service Light:
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James Calley says:

Hi Robert ,from Australia.Am currently looking to buy an 850 for my son as his first car, after doing research on them the safety and reliability fits the ticket.The car is a non turbo 850 one owner ,full service history with receipts.Only issue is the odo stopped working recently. Your channel is a help for situations like this.
Cheers and all the best!

e m griffiths says:

the gear can be installed upside down too, it will work for about 2m then quit- and you have to do it all over again

Tony O says:

I have the outside temp reader out on my meter, I want to find that, and change all the lights.

Jeremiah Lyles : Editor says:

Thanks Robert.
Mine is broken on the 740.
Looks to be too much trouble for me but now I have some idea of the procedure.
Thank You

Morgan Sorensen says:

Thank you Robbert, I will have it Checked

Maac Petzol says:

Does this also work on a 96 960? The odometer has never worked since owning the car. Its stuck at 86k

Morgan Sorensen says:

Hi Robert, You helped me before on a question on my 1996 VOLVO 960. The issue Now is that I Smell Gasoline when
I am Stopped while Driving. A friend sad, that he Thought it could be the fuel injector Seals that are "leaking".
But I have Looked under the Hood and there is No Visible Sign of any "leaks. Could this be the cause, and How do
I repair it , if possible, or must I take it to a mechanic or the dealer ??

Morgan Sorensen ( Biblical Theologian )

Daniel Kristensen says:

Stupid me bought an odometer gear a few months back but ended up losing it before getting to replace it…

Nate G says:

Your blessing brother Bless you and your family, By the way really love The videos

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