How To Replace Control Arm Bushings On A 2004 Volvo V70 R

How To Replace Control Arm Bushings On A 2004 Volvo V70 R

Don’t buy a whole control arm for your volvo v70 or s60 if you have a press you can replace your bushings for a fraction of the price.

Car mount:


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PistonShack says:

Thanks Salvo Brothers, I am doing this repair right now on my V70XC 2001 @329K. Volvo For a Life!

Nhac Cousteau says:

Thanks! just the video i needed!

Gas Gas says:

I have a driveway, a trolley jack, a socket set, chisels and Thor The Mighty Hammer with which I will do this job! I envisage having to burn out the old rubber then cut the steel. I am a mean bar steward, I want to change the bushes just because we should not waste the planet's resources buying new arms each time. Or indeed throw the car away and buy a new one. The fact that the bushes are $160 cheaper than the control arms has nothing to do with it! . . . . . well actually it does. If I fail with $30 of bushes it has cost me $30. If I succeed I have saved $160. I'll take the risk.

Golden Grenadier says:

Thinking about doing this but putting in poly bushings due to their ease of installation but the lack of a hydraulic press is going to be an issue. I wonder if I could use a truck's frame and a car jack as a sort of ghetto press…

Ed L says:

Let me know how those URO parts bushings hold up over time!

Stefan St-onge says:

Yo brothers great how to even tho I don’t have a Volvo many good tips in this one


Whoop whoop

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