Dimitar Karagyaurov says:

Thank you for making this video! I've been trying to take out the heater core assembly and your video helped me tremendously! I'd get you a beer if I could!

jonnyronnyroker says:

@the mechanic well Igor with the help of your videos and many other guides and tips I finally finished the heater core/matrix on my Golf! All seems good so far although I have brake issues so have not driven car much yet.

Things to note when doing the job are the sealant on the base of the cabin filter housing. My car was getting damp inside and this was the culprit so I removed the housing and cleaned all surfaces thoroughly with a final wipe of 50/50 water/Iso alcohol and resealed it with a roll of Butyl Sealant. This seems to have worked great.

The above leak also meant that water was dripping down past the blower motor and then into the blower motor resistor/tray that holds the blower motor in place. My heater blower would only work on setting 0 or 4 meaning the resistor has failed, it was very rusty and had a tide line inside the housing! So this was replaced and now works fine. (I recommend Autodoc site/app for parts like this and others!)

In my case due to some inexperience with wiper arms I ended up stripping the splines on the wiper motor and arms so replaced them with second hand items. Make sure to use a proper tool to remove wiper arms.

I hope to eventually create a guide (on UK-mkivs forum or similar) as I have quite an extensive amount of photos from completing this heater core replacement.

alex laverick says:

good video Igor

Joseboquitas Delacoronilla says:

excellent video you are of great help thanks for sharing your knowledge, I did mine with your help thanks a lot.

Darius Baubau says:

Very much helped thank you

Chema Da Barber says:

I followed you instructions .. after putting it back together my car wont start. It cranks but wont start. Any advice on what it can cause this?

Mohamed Dmx says:

arre you fucking srx all that for heater ? wth

Juraj Uharcek says:

Thanks, helped a lot in Slovakia 😉

Мамаду. says:

Лучше бы ты по Украинскому языку говорил.

BliNd3r says:

Same problem happened to me…

Ťørɱȩṇ says:

Are you fricking kidding me. I can see that thing under my dash, but I need to explode the whole damn thing apart, if I want to change it? It seems like the whole car has been built around this sucker!

Gosse K says:

How long does it take, to swap the heater core? Any idea how much time you spend on it? Need to do the same job on my car. So it's a great tutorial to me.

mister 8ight says:

My friend, how high can I flood the system from the evaporator side in order to not compromise the electrics? I would like to flush the system with water hose and harsh antiseptic agents. There is no smell when I drive on level road, but when I go uphill in reverse, A/C stinks sooooooooooooo bad! I have checked the A/C with endoscope and there is a sludge/fungi inside (not to much) but I'm not able to pinpoint the exact location. Small disinfectant spray cans doesn't help here, this has to be washed out.

Ironia says:

Hello friend, I am dismantling my IV golf to change the evaporator of the car. Your video has been very useful for me. But I have reached a point of no return and I have encountered two problems when it comes to sabar the steel bar that crosses the dashboard. Point 1. the top exit of the climate is hooked to the bar, I think it goes out to one side, but impossible without removing the bar before or up. Thing I can not finish doing for, point 2. The part of steel bar of the steering wheel, in its rear part is hooked to a plastic that passes the cables from side to side of the transmission and I can not unhook it. Would you remember how you did?

MarcinSUBZERO26 says:

Wery NICE movie. Thanks to you i do it my self. Thanks Again.

Ben Crosbie says:

brilliant video! thank you for the great tutorial.

Daniel Delacruz says:

How much would this normally cost to have a mechanic do? I hear the heater core doesn't cost much but its a time intensive job to remove the whole dashboard to access the heater core.

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