How to fix door lock MK5 VW JETTA (2006-2010) EASY

How to fix door lock MK5 VW JETTA (2006-2010) EASY

In this video I show you how to replace the door lock actuator on a 2010 Volkswagen Jetta. It’s really easy and it should be the same for golfs And jettas if you have any questions drop a comment and I will answer it as quick as I can thanks for watching -Mike



Tony Cruz says:

can a bad actuator activate the immobilizer?

great cesars ghost says:

Are you sure it’s just not easier to remove the door panel instead of going through all that trouble or is the lock not accessible through the inside space. ??

T K says:

I initally tried to take my door handle off with your method of pulling on the door handle and unscrewing the t20 12 times. I was able to take the small nub piece out but even after showing the car to 3 different garages, the handle would not come out. It stayed like this for a year and i tried several times within this period with no luck. Just recently, i unscrewd the t20 without pulling on the handle until it stopped with little clang. The door handle just came out and i was able to replace all the black door handles with new colour coded ones. Car locks unlocks with no issues. Just sharing my experience with removing thecdoor handles thats all. Its a great vid and i will use it for my next job to take off the door skin to have a look at my window regulator which is stuck in the closed position. Thank you.

Michael Gilson says:

this is a replacement not an easy fix

HZD says:

This video is underrated, my 2009 MK5 Jetta has the same issue but not the driver door, but the other 3 doors, dealership wants to charge over 1K just to get it fixed

Dar Mar says:

Good stuff mike

Tyler Monkoski says:

Quality content

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